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Code repository for Model-based Deep Hand Pose Estimation
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Model-based Deep Hand Pose Estimation

This repository is the released code of our IJCAI 2016 paper for estimating hand pose from depth image.



  • Caffe
  • Python with opencv


  • Download caffe
  • Copy ./libs/include to caffe_root/include and ./libs/src to caffe_root/src
  • Compile caffe
  • Copy path.config.example to path.config and set the pycaffe path


  • Run in ./testing
  • Our prediction on NYU dataset here
  • Our prediction on ICVL dataset here


  • download NYU dataset
  • set NYU_path in path.config
  • Run in ./training
  • Train with solver.prototxt


Please cite DeepModel in your publication if it helps your research:

    author = {Xingyi Zhou and Qingfu Wan and Wei Zhang and Xiangyang Xue and Yichen Wei},
    booktitle = {IJCAI},
    title = {Model-based Deep Hand Pose Estimation},
    year = {2016}
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