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# Intro

DLauncher is a modified dmenu that provide flexible launcher
functions, including but not limited to:

 - Dynamic content
 - Plugin (native and external)
 - Summary
 - History
 - Persistent daemon (wake up by signal)

# Plugins

 - cmd: open executable in $PATH
 - ssh: open ssh terminal to host alias
 - dir: open terminal in a given directory
 - shell: run input in a shell
 - calc(external): send input to bc
 - zsh(external): complete line using zsh engine (check dot_dlauncher_example to see how to activate this)

FYI: zsh plugin may not work on FreeBSD due to a bug on ``zpty''


 - more plugins

Feel free to hack it.

# Keybindings

Most of keybindings are the same as in dmenu, excepting some new:

 Mod1 + Tab: switch between available plugins
 Mod1 + a: same as Up
 Mod1 + d: same as Down
 Mod1 + w, Mod1 + Up: prev history
 Mod1 + s, Mod1 + Down: next history
 Mod1 + r: same as Return. This allows one-hand operating
It's easy to change them in the source code.

# Build & Install

DLauncher uses CMake to compile the project.
Makefile provides shortcuts for compiling/installing.

# Usage

dot_dlauncher_example is a sample dlauncher configuration file (~/.dlauncher)

dlauncher start - start the dlauncher deamon
dlauncher exit  - kill the dlauncher deamon
dlauncher open  - activate the dlauncher ui

## Extra options for dlauncher.bin besides of dmenu options

   -args [config-file]

   provide extra arguments in the file, one argument per line. Spaces
   on left will be trimed. Empty lines and lines start with `#' will
   be skipped.

   -pl "[name]:[entry][:options]"

   specify extra plugin with name [name]. Depends on the type, the
   entry are interpreted in different ways. For example, for exec

   -pl "[name]:[command line]:TYPE=EXEC[:other options]"

   For plugins using unix sockets:

   -pl "[name]:[socket path]:TYPE=UNIXSOCK[:other options]"

   other options supported are:

     PRIORITY=[priority]      - the plugin priority
     RETRY_CMD=[command line] - command line to be executed when plugin connection failed
     RETRY_DELAY=[seconds]    - do not retry for number of seconds since last retry
     ASYNC=[any non-empty string] - async mode(experimental)

# External Plugin Protocol

There is no documents yet. One can refer to the ``plugin.c'' to figure
out the protocol ;P

Also, check out external/calc.zsh to see how a minimized external
plugin is written.