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License: GPLv3


Java lib for Hue.

It will allow you to control your Hue light bulbs from everywhere.

Currently for programmers only (you have to compile it yourself), but I will release a consumer friendly version soon (compiled, ready for use)

This lib will allow you to:

  • Register to the Hue hub
  • Individually control every bulb
  • Dim bulb
  • Change color [Hue, Sat]
  • Light animations:
  • Rainbow animation
  • Random Light animation
  • Ability to register more than one hub (so if you bought 2 starters packs, it will allow you to controll all your bulbs)

In the near future: (short term stuff)

  • Web interface / Mobile interface
  • Scene: (allows you to configure every bulb and save / restore it)
  • Save / Restore Scenes
  • Can consist of an animation / static color / put light off
  • Schedule:
  • Enable a Scene on a given time (for example as wake up light)
  • Events:
  • If your phone is entering WiFi, enable Scene(s)
  • If your phone is no longer connected to the WiFi, enable Scene(s)
  • Auto restore light:
  • When you switch your Hue bulb on, it always starts in a white state. When enabled, this will detect the bulb a.s.a.p. and switch it to the color of the current selected scenario

And eventually: (long term stuff)

  • Change lights on sound (disco mode)
  • Change lights on tv (ambilight mode)

Requires referenced libs:

  • gson 2.2.2
  • apache http client: 4.2.3