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* Implement video update and video delete in Upload
* Refactor the uploader slightly
* Use Builder to generate XML packets
* Use a faster Camping-based URL escaper (also avoid cgi.rb)
* Removed the logger nightmare, use YouTubeG.logger for everything whatever that may be
* Use streams for file uploads instead of in-memory strings
== 0.5.0 / 2009-01-07
* Fixed bug in user favorites (thanks Pius Uzamere)
== / 2008-09-01
* Add Geodata information (thanks Jose Galisteo)
* Added :page and :per_page options, this allows easier usage of the will_paginate
plugin with the library. The :offset and :max_results options are no longer available. [Daniel Insley]
* Added ability to get video responses on the instances of the YouTube::Model::Video object. [Daniel Insley]
* Added and improved the existing documentation [Daniel Insley]
* Fixed usage of deprecated yt:racy, now using media:rating [Daniel Insley]
* Renamed can_embed? method to embeddable? [Daniel Insley]
* Added ability for padingation and ordering on standard feeds. [Daniel Insley]
* Add error-handling for video upload errors. [FiXato]
* Add error-handling for authentication errors from YouTube during video upload. [FiXato]
* Add support for making videos private upon video upload. [FiXato]
* Fix issue with REXML parsing of video upload response. [FiXato]
* Fix issue with response code comparison. [FiXato]
* Authcode is now retrieved for video uploads. [FiXato]
* Add basic support for uploading videos [thanks Joe Damato]
* Add basic support for related videos [tmm1]
* Improve docs for order_by attribute [thanks Jason Arora]
* Added support for the "racy" parameter (choices are "include" or "exclude") [thanks Jason Arora]
* Add missing attribute reader for description [tmm1]
* Fix issue with missing yt:statistics and viewCount [tmm1]
* Allow Client#video_by to take either a url or a video id [tmm1]
== 0.4.1 / 2008-02-11
* Added 3GPP video format [shane]
* Fixed tests [shane]
== 0.4.0 / 2007-12-18
* Fixed API projection in search URL [Pete Higgins]
* Fixed embeddable video searching [Pete Higgins]
* Fixed video embeddable detection [Pete Higgins]
* Fixed unique id hyphen detection [Pete Higgins, Chris Taggart]
== 0.3.0 / 2007-09-17
* Initial public release
* Birthday!