Don't see my rake task under background samples in New Relic thread profiling. #14

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I'm running a separate environment where my rails codebase is being used exclusively for running rake tasks, not serving any requests. I've added newrelic-rake and am successfully able to see my rake tasks under Background Tasks in the New Relic dashboard.

However, if I run a New Relic Thread Profiler during a time when I have these rake tasks running, the result doesn't show any samples at all, particularly none for "background" which is where I would expect these to show up since that's where they show up in New Relic dashboard.

Is there any specific reason why this wouldn't be supported by newrelic-rake? I'm certainly going to investigate further myself but if you have any reason to think this is a bug/misconfiguration or just something that wouldn't work with current newrelic-rake I'd appreciate a pointer. Thanks!


@iceberg901 sorry I haven't used New Relic Thread Profiler yet, but you can check if

INFO : Installing Rake instrumentation

printed in your newrelic_agent.log, if so, I think it's a bug in newrelic itself.

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