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These two metrics measure the sensitivities of low cloud cover to interannual variations in estimated inversion strength (EIS) and sea surface tempeature (SST) in five tropical oceanic regions dominanted by low clouds.


Qu, X., A. Hall, S. A. Klein, P. M. Caldwell, 2014: On the spread of changes in marine low cloud cover in climate model simulations of the 21st century. 42: 2603-2626. DOI 10.1007/s00382-013-1945-z.

Wood, R. and C. Bretherton, 2006: On the relationship between stratiform low cloud cover and lower-tropospheric stability. J. Clim. 19:6425-6432.


Frequency Variable CMOR lables Unit File Format
monthly mean cloud cover cl % nc
skin temperature ts K nc
Surface temperature tas K nc
air temperature ta K nc
surface pressure ps Pa nc
constant land cover sftlf nc

These variables were downloaded from Sample input data is provided as compressed nc files. To use these data for the testing purpose, however, one needs to change the part of the code where data is read.


Intermediate output: time series of low cloud cover, EIS and SST during the period of 1900-1999. They are saved in the following files, respectively:, and

Final output: EIS and SST slope averaged over five regions from 36 CMIP models [figures and nc file (, which only contains values for 18 CMIP5 models].

Is a script to draw a figure in the paper included ?: No