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OpenGTD is free open source software for getting things done!

Setup for development

This is a monorepo managed with Lerna. Sub-modules are located in packages/. The lerna bootstrap command installs dependencies of all sub-modules and creates symlinks for dependencies between sub-modules.

npm install
npx lerna bootstrap
The following commands can either be run at the project root to affect all sub-modules or individually inside of each sub-module. Note that there are inter-module dependencies. If you want to build/start the client or server individually, you first have to build all shared modules.

Run the application

npm start

Server listens at http://localhost:3001

Client is accessible at http://localhost:3000

This will also watch for changes in the sources of the module(s) and automatically re-compile.


The server can be configured by creating the file packages/server/config.local.json. Default configuration:

  "env": "development",
  "db": {
    "embedded": true,
    "host": "localhost",
    "port": 27017,
    "name": "open-gtd"
  "port": 3001

Only values that should be overriden need to be specified. If env=development and db.embedded=true (the default), MongoDB binaries are automatically downloaded and a server is set up at a free port. To use a regular MongoDB server, at least the following configuration is needed.

  "db": {
    "embedded": false

Verify changes before commiting

Run build:

npm run build

Run tests:

npm test

Run linters:

npm run lint

Try to automatically fix linting issues:

npm run fix

Run build, tests and linters:

Always run this before submitting a pull-request. If this command does’t complete successfully, a pull-request cannot be merged.
npm run verify


Free open source software for getting things done!





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