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A meteor package for Spotify's login service.
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An updated and maintained meteor package for Spotify's login service.


  • meteor add xinranxiao:accounts-spotify


Go to Spotify's website and register an application. For your redirect URL, enter: <yourhostname>/_oauth/spotify?close

Configure the Spotify service (server-side):

  { "service": "spotify" },
    $set: {
      "clientId": "<your clientId>",
      "secret": "<your secret>"
  { upsert: true }

Login on the client:

var options = {
  showDialog: true, // Whether or not to force the user to approve the app again if they’ve already done so.
  requestPermissions: ['user-read-email'] // Spotify access scopes.
Meteor.loginWithSpotify(options, function(err) {
  console.log(err || "No error");

The user's services.spotify and profile fields will be populated on success. If you just want the access token without user accounts being involved, check out xinranxiao:spotify.


If you have any problems with or suggestions for this package, please create a new issue.


  • allow specification of the fields to use for the profile.
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