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Modular IRC-bot with support for live reloading of plugins. Support for TCP- and SSL-connections.

Simple launcher

import pycri.core
application ='#channel')

That's everything you need. Given that you have a with the necessary variables (take a look at you can now run the bot with python

Simple greeting plugin

from pycri.plugins import Plugin, command

class Greeter(Plugin):
    def on_join(self, irc, prefix, params):
        nick, channel = prefix.split('!')[0], params[0]

        message = u'Welcome to {0}, {1}. Have a pleasant stay!'.format(
            channel, nick

        irc.msg(channel, message)

    def greet(self, nick):
        return 'Welcome {}'.format(nick)

That's it! Now either add the plugin to the PLUGINS-list in or load the plugin using !load <plugin>. Remember that the plugins are loaded just as any other module and must be on your python-path.

This plugin will greet all users joining the channel as well as adding a command (accessible using !greet or the alias !gr) which takes one argument, the nick to greet.


  • twisted
  • pyopenssl (if connecting over SSL)