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Simple Instant Message

An online instant messaging program. You can run this on your server and use it to talk to your friends!

A demo is available at

Keep in mind that the server admin (ie. me) can read everything you write!


You need a server that runs php and git and preferably has inotify enabled. Then cd to any directory and do

$ git clone

Then visit http://<your site>/<some directory>/message/

Basic Usage

Go to http://<your site>/<some directory>/message/ and follow the instructions.

You can change the current name or the current doc by clicking on the name or doc at the top of the page.

When there is an unread message, the page title has (!) added to the front.

Advanced Usage

To go to a page directly, go to http://<your site>/<some directory>/message/?name=<your name>&doc=<document name>

All documents are stored under docs/. Document names (but not contents) are encoded with a URL-safe version of base64.


This program is dedicated to the public domain using the Creative Commons CC0. See LICENSE.txt for details.

This previous does not apply to webtoolkit.base64.js. The license for that file is at (They use CC-BY or Creative Commons Attribution)