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Online Text Editor

This simple text editor allows you to host your own editable documents on your website. Useful for things like schedules and notes that you want to be able to access from anywhere in just one click.

A demo is available at

Basic Usage

Go to http://<your site>/<some directory>/text-edit/, change "Title" to whatever file name you want, enter whatever text you want in the body, and press Ctrl-S to save. That's it!

Advanced Usage

To go to a page directly, go to http://<your site>/<some directory>/text-edit/?name=<file name>

To go to the admin panel, go to http://<your site>/<some directory>/text-edit/admin

It is recommended that you set a password.

If you forget the password, delete admin-pass

All documents are stored under docs/. Names (but not contents) are base64-encoded.


You need a server that runs php and git and has .htaccess and mod_rewrite enabled. Then cd to any directory and do

$ git clone

Then visit http://<your site>/<some directory>/text-edit/

If you get a message saying mkdir(): Permission denied when saving, do

$ cd text-edit
$ mkdir docs
$ chmod a+w docs

(Or use some other method to allow your server to write to the docs directory.)


This program is dedicated to the public domain using the Creative Commons CC0. See LICENSE.txt for details.

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