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GyroScratch Max Patch
GyroScratch LED Bar Graph.jpg
GyroScratch Photo.jpg
Gyroscratch Wiring Diagram.png
Wiring Diagram.pptx


GyroScratch is an open source application that uses x-OSC attached to a 7" record to play and scratch audio files. The demo provides a good starting point for connecting x-OSC to Max/MSP.

GyroScratch Wiring


The patch controls the playback rate of an audio file using an IMU 6DOF Razor with the high-pass filters on the gyroscope bypassed to prevent the output drifting to zero when spinning at a constant speeds. The the audio level is indicated on a VU meter made from 16 surface-mount LEDs. The gyroscope, x-OSC and battery are secured to the record with sugru. Demo video available on YouTube, see the original post for more info.


x-OSC settings

  • analogue sample rate: 100 Hz
  • input 1 to analogue
  • outputs 1 - 16 to digital.


GyroScratch Wiring


  1. open GyroScratch.maxpat in Max/MSP
  2. activate audio by pressing the loudspeaker button
  3. when the record is stationary click the 0 RPM button
  4. set the record playing and click 33 RMP
  5. behold, you are Grandmaster Flash

The scratch.wav file is edited from Killa Tactics Belt Drive Breaks. The application is inspired by Nicholas J. Bryan's MOPHODJ

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