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v1.14 (Mar 27 2019)

  • Update firmware version

v1.13 (Dec 19 2018)

  • Fix bug that caused constant warnings about Synchronisation master
  • Remove invalid 5 GHz channels from Wi-Fi settings
  • Fix graph centring issue when paused in horizontal auto-scale mode
  • Fix bug affecting conversion of rotation matrix to quaternion

v1.12 (May 18 2018)

  • Redesign wireless settings configuration tool in Synchronised Network Manager
  • Change 3D model colour to match actual product
  • Auto-populate the firmware uploader hex file path
  • Firmware uploading will retry 3 times
  • Do not create a Settings.txt file if it will be empty
  • Disable command and settings read/write controls when Synchronised Network Manager not connected
  • Modify some error messages to be more meaningful
  • Remove processor temperature
  • Add help text to send rates window in Synchronised Network Manager
  • Fix bug caused duplicated text when editing device name in Synchronised Network Manager

v1.11 (Jan 10 2018)

  • Allow device name to be edited in NGIMU Synchronised Network Manager
  • Fix bug affecting SLIP packets greater than 1024 bytes
  • Fix message filter tab bug

v1.10 (Dec 29 2017)

  • Increase ahoy service expiry to 5 seconds to handle Wi-Fi send delays of firmware
  • Rename NGIMU GUI column title "Address" menu to "OSC Address"
  • Rename NGIMU GUI "Command" menu to "Send Command"
  • NGIMU Synchronised Network Manager displays communication errors an icon in the device column
  • NGIMU Synchronised Network Manager displays received error messages an icon in the device column

v1.9 (Dec 01 2017)

  • CSV files represent infinity and NaN as zero
  • Battery CSV files includes "Is Charger Connected" column
  • Data Forwarding to local host is enabled by default
  • Fix issue with Data Forwarding radio buttons
  • NGIMU Synchronised Network Manager displays firmware version warning an icon in the device column
  • Adjust GUI default options
  • Handle exception when serial hardware flow control permanently inhibit sending
  • Graphs represent infinity and NaN as zero
  • Fix bug that meant Data Forwarding on local host may not work

v1.8 (Oct 30 2017)

  • Rename "Load defaults" to "Restore defaults"
  • Disable commands in NGIMU GUI when not connected
  • Add commands to start/stop logging to SD card
  • Graphs always in roll mode
  • Graph vertical autoscale now applies to visible data only
  • Redesign graph context menu and keyboard/mouse controls
  • Fix bug that meant graph window position would be forgotten if any part was off screen
  • Fix bug that meant extremely high values could cause the graph to crash

v1.7 (Sep 19 2017)

  • Fix bug in API affecting SD card file conversion
  • Add send rate information to settings documentation

v1.6 (May 19 2017)

  • Fix bug in NGIMU GUI that could result in messages being permanently muted
  • Synchronised Network Manager displays error message if a rogue synchronisation master is detected
  • Add Synchronised Network Manager tool for forwarding data

v1.5 (May 03 2017)

  • Add tool to configure wireless settings via USB in Synchronised Network Manager
  • Improvements to Send Rate dialogue window in Synchronised Network Manager
  • Disable Cancel button when disconnecting with Synchronised Network Manager

v1.4 (Mar 06 2017)

  • Add setting for external power wakeup
  • Fix bug that prevented the About dialogue from closing first time
  • Redesign send rates dialogue in Synchronised Network Manager
  • Add setting for USB/external power wakeup

v1.3 (Feb 14 2017)

  • Introduce Synchronised Network Manager application
  • Introduce SD Card File Converter application
  • Update expected firmware version
  • Update 3D models for latest hardware
  • Add network latency setting for synchronisation mater
  • Esc key can be used to close Received Error dialogue
  • Ensure data logger stopwatch final value matches logging time if specified
  • Refactor Data Logger for improved behaviour when device information unknown
  • Add keyboard shortcut to clear graph
  • Ignore negative timestamps when writing CSV files
  • Do not create CSV file for error messages
  • Rename Thermometers graph to temperature
  • Rename ConnectionSearchInfo to ConnectionSearchResult in API
  • Make quaternions IEquatable in API

v1.2 (Nov 20 2016)

  • Abandon use of compression tool which may be flagged by security software
  • Add 'Open Directory' button to data logger
  • Change names of thermometers
  • Graph settings are saved and restored
  • Remove unused methods and operators from Quaternion.cs
  • Add About dialogue
  • Add check for compatible firmware version
  • Fix bug that caused unhandled exception when application closed during communication process
  • Fix bug in API that failed to display correct result of communication process

v1.1 (Oct 19 2016)

  • Add setting for wake up time
  • Fix bug in search for connections that affecting non Windows platforms
  • FIx bug that could causes the zero line to flicker in graphs
  • Fix bug affecting SD card file conversions

v1.0 (Sep 23 2016)

  • Add SD card settings
  • Fix bug that cause the 3D view to display some rotation matrix values as NaNs
  • Fix some bugs that could cause the graphs to crash
  • Change default 3D model is the NGIMU housing
  • Fix bug that meant the displayed timestamp could be incorrect
  • RSSI OSC message now includes percentage
  • GUI displays error message is command cannot be confirmed
  • Add option for graph buffer size
  • Redesign graph view controls

v0.13 (Jul 24 2016)

  • Adjust axes directions of 3D models to match PCB v1.3
  • Rename "listen" to "receive" in UDP port setting
  • Data logger now logs unknown OSC messages to CSV files
  • Add commands for AHRS initialise and AHRS zero yaw
  • Add setting for muted on startup
  • Introduce custom 2D graphing library
  • Improve file/directory path selection form control
  • Fix bug that could result in commands blocking forever

v0.12 (Jun 07 2016)

  • Renamed application
  • Received error messages displayed in custom form instead of messages boxes
  • Add setting and graph for altitude data

v0.11 (May 19 2016)

  • Add setting for gyroscope bias correction
  • Search for connections runs quicker and smoother
  • Add setting for magnitudes message send rate
  • Add setting for RSSI message send rate

v0.10 (Apr 26 2016)

  • Search for devices will expire connections if they disappear
  • Fix bug with 3D view that could cause crash when computer sleeps
  • GUI tools renamed for consistency
  • Complete command/setting process once confirmations received instead of waiting for timeout
  • Fix bug when 3D view window is reduced to minimise size
  • Change behaviour of mute/solo all check boxes
  • Allow Euler angles to be hidden in 3D view

v0.9 (Mar 23 2016)

  • Allow Euler angles to be hidden in 3D view
  • Do not load read-only settings from file
  • Fix bug that meant battery time displayed in GUI may be incorrect
  • Add compass image to 3D view
  • Reorganise options window
  • "Auto Connect" renamed to "Search For Connections"
  • Numerous minor bug/stability fixes
  • Add setting for LEDs enabled
  • Add setting for CPU idle mode
  • Fix but that meant some computers may use a comma decimal place for timestamps
  • Auto connector searches all communication channels in parallel
  • Add setting for Wi-Fi region
  • Improve error messages when using data logger
  • Apply command sent after settings written

v0.8 (Feb 18 2016)

  • Fix bug with default adapter address
  • Revise the process for configuring a unique UDP connection
  • Add checkbox for broadcast IP address in UDP connection dialogue
  • Add low-power Wi-Fi setting
  • Mute and unmute commands are no longer sent when reading or writing settings
  • Add camera controls and Earth coordinate frame to 3D view
  • Standard date format used in logged XML files
  • Fix bug that may occur when Windows enumerates Bluetooth serial ports

v0.7 (Feb 04 2016)

  • Invalid file name characters are replaced with underscores when saving files
  • Fix bug that meant Windows would stay on top of main Window
  • Use default file name when saving settings
  • New 3D view window

v0.6 (Jan 14 2016)

  • Add context menu to copy setting documentation text from GUI
  • Settings can be read automatically after connection opened
  • Wi-Fi connections renamed to UDP
  • Data logger and SD card file converter redesigned
  • Device send IP and send port are changed after auto connect to ensure a unique connection
  • Add mute/solo all checkboxes to column headers
  • Fix bugs in SD card file converter tool

v0.5 (Oct 09 2015)

  • Calibration settings are not read/written by GUI
  • Auxiliary serial data logged as either hex or string
  • New file/directory organisation for logged data
  • Fix issue that means Convert SD Card File window state would not be remembered

v0.4 (Sep 18 2015)

  • Add SD card file converter tool
  • Fix render bug affecting auxiliary serial terminal RTS/CTS controls
  • Add calibration parameters to settings in API
  • Esc key can be used to cancel progress dialogs.

v0.3 (Jul 31 2015)

  • Save/load settings to/from file
  • Auxiliary terminal allows manual control of RTS/CTS and displays byte throughput
  • Fix bug that meant drop down list of sent messages could be in red text
  • All projects in the solution use the same version number
  • Loading default GUI options no longer closes the options form

v0.2 (Jul 03 2015)

  • Prevent undefined settings from being written to device
  • Removed non-UTF8 characters from CSV files
  • Fixed bug that meant file paths would not be accepted in the axillary serial terminal
  • Dragging and dropping file into terminal copies file path to text box
  • Serial port list is ordered
  • Refactor settings for improved behaviour
  • Change "General" "settings category name to "Device Information"

v0.1 (Jun 17 2015)

  • Migrate to Visual Studio Community 2013
  • Auxiliary serial terminal has black background
  • Improved auto connect dialog
  • Reorder of Wi-Fi mode enumeration
  • Remove Wi-Fi security setting
  • Refactor process for sending commands

v0.0 (Jun 08 2015)

  • Initial release


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