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Libraries v1.11 commit Jan 10, 2018
NgimuApi v1.12 commit May 18, 2018
NgimuForms v1.12 commit May 18, 2018
NgimuGui v1.12 commit May 18, 2018
NgimuSDCardFileConverter v1.10 commit Dec 29, 2017
NgimuSynchronisedNetworkManager v1.12 commit May 18, 2018
Tools v1.4 commit Mar 6, 2017
.gitignore v1.8 commit Oct 30, 2017
NGIMU.sln v1.9 commit Dec 3, 2017 v1.12 commit May 18, 2018
Version.cs v1.12 commit May 18, 2018
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v1.12 (May 18 2018)

  • Redesign wireless settings configuration tool in Synchronised Network Manager
  • Change 3D model colour to match actual product
  • Auto-populate the firmware uploader hex file path
  • Firmware uploading will retry 3 times
  • Do not create a Settings.txt file if it will be empty
  • Disable command and settings read/write controls when Synchronised Network Manager not connected
  • Modify some error messages to be more meaningful
  • Remove processor temperature
  • Add help text to send rates window in Synchronised Network Manager
  • Fix bug caused duplicated text when editing device name in Synchronised Network Manager

v1.11 (Jan 10 2018)

  • Allow device name to be edited in NGIMU Synchronised Network Manager
  • Fix bug affecting SLIP packets greater than 1024 bytes
  • Fix message filter tab bug

v1.10 (Dec 29 2017)

  • Increase ahoy service expiry to 5 seconds to handle Wi-Fi send delays of firmware
  • Rename NGIMU GUI column title "Address" menu to "OSC Address"
  • Rename NGIMU GUI "Command" menu to "Send Command"
  • NGIMU Synchronised Network Manager displays communication errors an icon in the device column
  • NGIMU Synchronised Network Manager displays received error messages an icon in the device column

v1.9 (Dec 01 2017)

  • CSV files represent infinity and NaN as zero
  • Battery CSV files includes "Is Charger Connected" column
  • Data Forwarding to local host is enabled by default
  • Fix issue with Data Forwarding radio buttons
  • NGIMU Synchronised Network Manager displays firmware version warning an icon in the device column
  • Adjust GUI default options
  • Handle exception when serial hardware flow control permanently inhibit sending
  • Graphs represent infinity and NaN as zero
  • Fix bug that meant Data Forwarding on local host may not work

v1.8 (Oct 30 2017)

  • Rename "Load defaults" to "Restore defaults"
  • Disable commands in NGIMU GUI when not connected
  • Add commands to start/stop logging to SD card
  • Graphs always in roll mode
  • Graph vertical autoscale now applies to visible data only
  • Redesign graph context menu and keyboard/mouse controls
  • Fix bug that meant graph window position would be forgotten if any part was off screen
  • Fix bug that meant extremely high values could cause the graph to crash

v1.7 (Sep 19 2017)

  • Fix bug in API affecting SD card file conversion
  • Add send rate information to settings documentation

v1.6 (May 19 2017)

  • Fix bug in NGIMU GUI that could result in messages being permanently muted
  • Synchronised Network Manager displays error message if a rogue synchronisation master is detected
  • Add Synchronised Network Manager tool for forwarding data

v1.5 (May 03 2017)

  • Add tool to configure wireless settings via USB in Synchronised Network Manager
  • Improvements to Send Rate dialogue window in Synchronised Network Manager
  • Disable Cancel button when disconnecting with Synchronised Network Manager

v1.4 (Mar 06 2017)

  • Add setting for external power wakeup
  • Fix bug that prevented the About dialogue from closing first time
  • Redesign send rates dialogue in Synchronised Network Manager
  • Add setting for USB/external power wakeup

v1.3 (Feb 14 2017)

  • Introduce Synchronised Network Manager application
  • Introduce SD Card File Converter application
  • Update expected firmware version
  • Update 3D models for latest hardware
  • Add network latency setting for synchronisation mater
  • Esc key can be used to close Received Error dialogue
  • Ensure data logger stopwatch final value matches logging time if specified
  • Refactor Data Logger for improved behaviour when device information unknown
  • Add keyboard shortcut to clear graph
  • Ignore negative timestamps when writing CSV files
  • Do not create CSV file for error messages
  • Rename Thermometers graph to temperature
  • Rename ConnectionSearchInfo to ConnectionSearchResult in API
  • Make quaternions IEquatable in API

v1.2 (Nov 20 2016)

  • Abandon use of compression tool which may be flagged by security software
  • Add 'Open Directory' button to data logger
  • Change names of thermometers
  • Graph settings are saved and restored
  • Remove unused methods and operators from Quaternion.cs
  • Add About dialogue
  • Add check for compatible firmware version
  • Fix bug that caused unhandled exception when application closed during communication process
  • Fix bug in API that failed to display correct result of communication process

v1.1 (Oct 19 2016)

  • Add setting for wake up time
  • Fix bug in search for connections that affecting non Windows platforms
  • FIx bug that could causes the zero line to flicker in graphs
  • Fix bug affecting SD card file conversions

v1.0 (Sep 23 2016)

  • Add SD card settings
  • Fix bug that cause the 3D view to display some rotation matrix values as NaNs
  • Fix some bugs that could cause the graphs to crash
  • Change default 3D model is the NGIMU housing
  • Fix bug that meant the displayed timestamp could be incorrect
  • RSSI OSC message now includes percentage
  • GUI displays error message is command cannot be confirmed
  • Add option for graph buffer size
  • Redesign graph view controls

v0.13 (Jul 24 2016)

  • Adjust axes directions of 3D models to match PCB v1.3
  • Rename "listen" to "receive" in UDP port setting
  • Data logger now logs unknown OSC messages to CSV files
  • Add commands for AHRS initialise and AHRS zero yaw
  • Add setting for muted on startup
  • Introduce custom 2D graphing library
  • Improve file/directory path selection form control
  • Fix bug that could result in commands blocking forever

v0.12 (Jun 07 2016)

  • Renamed application
  • Received error messages displayed in custom form instead of messages boxes
  • Add setting and graph for altitude data

v0.11 (May 19 2016)

  • Add setting for gyroscope bias correction
  • Search for connections runs quicker and smoother
  • Add setting for magnitudes message send rate
  • Add setting for RSSI message send rate

v0.10 (Apr 26 2016)

  • Search for devices will expire connections if they disappear
  • Fix bug with 3D view that could cause crash when computer sleeps
  • GUI tools renamed for consistency
  • Complete command/setting process once confirmations received instead of waiting for timeout
  • Fix bug when 3D view window is reduced to minimise size
  • Change behaviour of mute/solo all check boxes
  • Allow Euler angles to be hidden in 3D view

v0.9 (Mar 23 2016)

  • Allow Euler angles to be hidden in 3D view
  • Do not load read-only settings from file
  • Fix bug that meant battery time displayed in GUI may be incorrect
  • Add compass image to 3D view
  • Reorganise options window
  • "Auto Connect" renamed to "Search For Connections"
  • Numerous minor bug/stability fixes
  • Add setting for LEDs enabled
  • Add setting for CPU idle mode
  • Fix but that meant some computers may use a comma decimal place for timestamps
  • Auto connector searches all communication channels in parallel
  • Add setting for Wi-Fi region
  • Improve error messages when using data logger
  • Apply command sent after settings written

v0.8 (Feb 18 2016)

  • Fix bug with default adapter address
  • Revise the process for configuring a unique UDP connection
  • Add checkbox for broadcast IP address in UDP connection dialogue
  • Add low-power Wi-Fi setting
  • Mute and unmute commands are no longer sent when reading or writing settings
  • Add camera controls and Earth coordinate frame to 3D view
  • Standard date format used in logged XML files
  • Fix bug that may occur when Windows enumerates Bluetooth serial ports

v0.7 (Feb 04 2016)

  • Invalid file name characters are replaced with underscores when saving files
  • Fix bug that meant Windows would stay on top of main Window
  • Use default file name when saving settings
  • New 3D view window

v0.6 (Jan 14 2016)

  • Add context menu to copy setting documentation text from GUI
  • Settings can be read automatically after connection opened
  • Wi-Fi connections renamed to UDP
  • Data logger and SD card file converter redesigned
  • Device send IP and send port are changed after auto connect to ensure a unique connection
  • Add mute/solo all checkboxes to column headers
  • Fix bugs in SD card file converter tool

v0.5 (Oct 09 2015)

  • Calibration settings are not read/written by GUI
  • Auxiliary serial data logged as either hex or string
  • New file/directory organisation for logged data
  • Fix issue that means Convert SD Card File window state would not be remembered

v0.4 (Sep 18 2015)

  • Add SD card file converter tool
  • Fix render bug affecting auxiliary serial terminal RTS/CTS controls
  • Add calibration parameters to settings in API
  • Esc key can be used to cancel progress dialogs.

v0.3 (Jul 31 2015)

  • Save/load settings to/from file
  • Auxiliary terminal allows manual control of RTS/CTS and displays byte throughput
  • Fix bug that meant drop down list of sent messages could be in red text
  • All projects in the solution use the same version number
  • Loading default GUI options no longer closes the options form

v0.2 (Jul 03 2015)

  • Prevent undefined settings from being written to device
  • Removed non-UTF8 characters from CSV files
  • Fixed bug that meant file paths would not be accepted in the axillary serial terminal
  • Dragging and dropping file into terminal copies file path to text box
  • Serial port list is ordered
  • Refactor settings for improved behaviour
  • Change "General" "settings category name to "Device Information"

v0.1 (Jun 17 2015)

  • Migrate to Visual Studio Community 2013
  • Auxiliary serial terminal has black background
  • Improved auto connect dialog
  • Reorder of Wi-Fi mode enumeration
  • Remove Wi-Fi security setting
  • Refactor process for sending commands

v0.0 (Jun 08 2015)

  • Initial release