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Arcade Controller
Digital Input Viewer
Keyboard Emulation

WiFi Arcade Controller

WiFi arcade controller is an open source project that includes designs for two x-OSC-based arcade controllers, with Java software to convert joystick and button events to emulated keystrokes.

GyroScratch Wiring

In addtion to the software, the repo includes designs for an arcade controller and joystick. The arcade controller uses an Arcade Joystick - Short Handle, green button, pink button, yellow button, red button, dark green button and black button all available from sparkfun. The joystick controller is a very similar design using the Arcade Joystick, again from sparkfun.

The Java software uses the Illposed OSC library to convert the x-OSC digital input messages to emulated key strokes. Different games will require different keystrokes so you will have to modify the file, replacing the VK_XX events accordingly; a complete list of key events is available here. Also included with the software is a Max/MSP patch for viewing the x-OSC digital input states. Both the Java and the Max programs act as a good starting points for connecting x-OSC to their respective languages. Demo video available on YouTube, see the original post for more info.


x-OSC settings

  • inputs 1 - 10 to digital with pull-ups enabled


Arcade-Controller Wiring


Instructions for compiling and running the Java software are provided in the accompanying Readme file.