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x-BIMU Body Strap Assembled.jpg
x-BIMU Body Strap Housing.jpg
x-BIMU Body Strap Stretched.jpg
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The x-BIMU Body Strap combines with the x-BIMU Housing to allow the x-BIMU to be fastened to different points on a person's body.

The body strap is comprised of three parts: a plastic bracket, a 50 cm Velcro strap and a 10 cm Velcro strip. The x-BIMU Housing slots in the plastic bracket and is held in place by threading the 50 cm Velcro strap through the eyelets either side of the bracket as shown in the photos. The shorter Velcro strip can fastened on the underside for extra security. Excess material can be removed with scissors.

The plastic bracket is laser-cut from 5 mm acrylic plastic. The Velcro parts are cut from a reel of 25 mm width Velcro One Wrap.