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x-BIMU Serial Breakout BOM.xlsx
x-BIMU Serial Breakout
x-BIMU Serial Breakout Schematic.pdf
x-BIMU Serial Breakout.brd
x-BIMU Serial Breakout.sch


x-BIMU serial breakout board

  • FTDI compatible 6-way male header (x-BIMU UART inputs are 5 V tolerant)
  • Pull-down resistor on CTS input means that hardware flow-control connections are not necessary
  • 3.1 mm diameter mounting holes (position = 31 mm x 27 mm)
  • All components are SMD and on top side only and no copper on bottom side allow PCB bottom to be adhered to surfaces without risk of damage

Version history

  • v1.1 CTS pull-down removed. Bypass voltage regulator jumper
  • v1.0 Initial design