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x-IMU API introduction of auxiliary port mode: sleep/wake Jun 12, 2013
x-IMU GUI Add units to graph form captions Nov 15, 2013
.gitignore .gitignore added May 27, 2013 Add units to graph form captions Nov 15, 2013


Project source files for the x-IMU GUI and API. The GUI provides access to all features and functionality of the x-IMU and is intended to serve as a comprehensive template for any software interfacing the x-IMU using the API. See the x-IMU web page for more information.

Version history

  • v13.1 Add units to graph form captions
  • v13.0 GUI and API projects combined. Introduction of auxiliary port mode: Sleep/Wake
  • v12.5 Binary files conversion no longer limited by the RAM of a machine
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