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+GRC Spring 2012 Demo
+<body bgcolor=white>
+<p align=center>
+<font size=+2>
+<strong>Spring 2012 GRC demo</strong>
+<b>Time and Date of Interview:</b> June 7, 2012 at 9am<br>
+<b>Names of Team Members Attending:</b> Evan Ovadia and Jordan Hand<br>
+<b>Names of Attending Clients: </b> Dr. Malcolm Keif<br>
+<b>Location of Interview:</b> Dr. Keif's office. Bld. 26 - 210C<br>
+<h2>Section 1</h2>
+Inquired about Peoplesoft integration
+Feature Request: Different scales of calendar views. Larger than a week and zooming into particular days.
+Feature Request: Disallow scheduling for certain timeframes. ie. There is always a meeting on Mondays from 2-3. Disallow classes during that.
+Feature Request: A method to prevent certain classes from being scheduled at the same time.
+<h2>Section 2</h2>
+No Comments.
+<h2>Section 3</h2>
+No Comments.
+<h2>Section 4</h2>
+Features needed for adoption:
+ At least a Day view, faculty view, course view, ability to have co-teachers.
+ Currently Dr. Keif uses a program called <a href=>Lantiv Timetabler 6</a>. Timetabler is meant
+ for elementary schools but has some interesting features. It allows subviews, ie. Have a main view then have another view in the corner.
+ It also allows for visual feedback of what spots a course is valid and where it isn't. It also does this when for both teachers when a course is
+ jointly taught.
+ None
+ If it had more features (like the ones he mentioned) and it was stable, Dr. Keif would consider using it.

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