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I like gh-issues, and its ability to allow other users to easily comment on my project. I also like ticgit, and the fact that I have integral parts of my project with me, even if github is unavailable. So, I want to use both! sleeping-wolf aims to synchronize a ticgit repository with the GitHub-hosted Issues for your project, allowing you to do just that.

Since we'll be making commits on behalf of other users, and the two don't share everything in common, it won't be perfect. But hey, let's see what we can do.


sleeping-wolf is in pre-alpha. Although some of the structure exists, the code that actually saves changes hasn't been written yet. This means that you can't use it to do anything!

In addition, lots of things are hard-coded, because it was simple, and I didn't want to deal with config files or commandline args yet. Also, I've only been testing on my two Arch Linux machines, with Ruby 1.9; it's entirely possible any other configuration will break horribly and kill your neighbors' puppies. You've been warned.


Scott Chacon's ticgit hasn't been updated in some time (and doesn't work with Ruby 1.9), so you'll probably need to install from one of the forks. I used jeffWelling's.

ticgit currently requires ruby/git, which is deprecated in favor of grit. Until someone fixes that, you'll need a version of ruby/git that works with ruby 1.9. I'm attempting to maintain one. Be aware that it currently requires jeweler to build the gem, and jeweler requires ruby/git, so you'll be overwriting the version of ruby/git that gets pulled in by gem. sigh

You'll also need octopi. Until issue 18 gets fixed, you'll want to grab my fork.

We Need You!

As is usual with open-source projects, any help is appreciated! In particular:

  • I'm much more of a Pythonista than a Rubyist. I've tried to catch all of the non-idiomatic things I tend to do (for foo in foos and foo(bar) are especially common), but if you spot any others, feel free to point them out!
  • As mentioned above, almost everything is hardcoded, currently. Fix that and we'll be one step closer to someone other than me using this.
  • It'd be nice to have a gh-pages branch so we can send people to a prettier page than this.
  • A cute logo would be much appreciated, since I can't draw worth crap.
  • The actual syncing code needs to be written. Right now, nothing gets saved back to either ticgit or gh-issues.
  • The algorithms for identifying whether or not two issues are the same are quite simplistic.
  • Comments are mostly ignored.

On the Name

ticgit---gh-issues-synchronizer was just too damn long a name, even if it was descriptive. So, I went looking:

Google -> Wikipedia (Synchronizer) -> Wikipedia (Synchronization -> Wikipedia (Data Synchronization) -> Scholarpedia (Slepian-Wolf coding) -> sleeping wolf

Plus, I can have an awesomely cute logo, once I find someone to make it!