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Z Image Gallery JQuery extension

What you need

zigfy is a JQuery plugin. Thus you obviously want to have JQuery (and you should include it before including zigfy). You need to include the CSS and Javascript files (as well as image resources if you want to use the same):

  • img.preload.js - an extension for jquery to preload images
  • jquery.zigfy.js - the actual Javascript gallery extension
  • zigfy.css - the basic style for zigfy

And that's it!

How to use it

There are two different ways to use zigfy:

  1. The Javascript Way ===================== By calling it in your Javascript code (when the DOM is ready of course):
  $('.mycontainer').zigfy({ /* my options */ });

Thus you can set parameters and configure each instance you want to create separately.

  1. The HTML Way =============== By adding the class zigfy to the gallery containers (probably divs), and having them contain all the images you want (as <img src="path" /> HTML nodes of course).

Simply, zigfy runs by default the Javascript code above for all elements selected by $('.zigfy'). That's it, nothing miracular here.


Here are the options you can pass to zigfy (with their default value):

  • resize: false - whether to respond to resize events automatically
  • layout: 'maximize' - the layout to use
    • maximize stretches the image so that it cover the whole container
    • full puts the whole image in the container, whatever its size
  • align: 'center' - the alignment, one from:
    • topleft,
    • top,
    • topright,
    • left,
    • center,
    • right,
    • bottomleft,
    • bottom,
    • bottomright
  • transition: 'fade' - the transition to use when navigating between images, one from:
    • fade,
    • flash,
    • or an object with the three following function: {init, before, after}, see jquery.zigfy.js implementation of fade and flash to make your own
  • showNav: true - whether to show the left / right navigation buttons
  • navFunc: null - navigation function function(lastIndex, currentIndex, imageCount, dir) returning the new index where
    • lastIndex is the last navigated index (-1 at the beginning)
    • currentIndex is the current index
    • imageCount is the number of images in the gallery
    • dir is the direction of navigation (+1 or -1)
    • this is referring to the current zigfy object (to use data if needed)
  • autoNav: false - whether to automatically navigate with next() after a given time
  • autoNavDuration: 12000 - the duration between auto navigation calls in milliseconds
  • padding: 10 - the overall padding for images in layout full, it makes sure that there is this amount of available, taking CSS borders into account
  • mapMode: true - whether to enable the map mode, i.e. clicking to grab and see more, only for the maximize layout
  • imgSelector: null - the image selector to use instead of the element's images
  • noClass: false - disable the automatic zigfy CSS class added to the base element
  • eventNamespace: null - set the zigfy event namespace (used by clear()), by default .zigfy-{Math.random()}
  • onLoad: function(img){} - callback when gallery images have been loaded with img.preload.js

All the boolean, string and number options (of name XXX) can be passed via HTML using data paremeters data-zigfy.

For example:

  • To disable showNav, add data-zigfy-showNav="false".
  • To use the full layout, add data-zigfy-layout="full".
  • To use a 20px padding, add data-zigfy-padding="20".
  • To use a specific set of images, add for example data-zigfy-imgSelector="#imgContainer > div > img".


Whereas options are passed under the form of an object such as:

$('.zigfy').zigfy({opt1: val1, opt2: val2 ... });

Actions are called by:


Actions are method calls of Zigfy javascript objects. To have the list of all possible methods, you should look at jquery.zigfy.js. Here follow the most important ones:

  • clear: remove all listeners which have been attached to that specific zigfy object
  • prev, next: manually switch to the prev, or next image
  • select: manually switch to an image given by its index
  • layout: request layout of the current picture
  • toggleNavigation: manually toggle the navigation of pictures (mapMode=true is required)
  • switchLayout: manually request a change of layout type

You can pass arguments after the action name. For example, to switch the layout for a specific one (and not the original one):

$('.zigfy').zigfy('switchLayout', 'full');
// or even
$('.zigfy').zigfy('switchLayout', myGreatLayoutFunction);


Several elements are used by zigfy, you can customize their look using CSS and their corresponding classes:

  • .zigfy is added by default to the base element (unless noClass=true)
  • .zigfy-prev and .zigfy-next are the UI elements
  • .zigfy-loading is set on the base element while images are loading, but see also .zigfy-loaded
  • .zigfy-loaded is set definitely on the base element after the first element has been laid out
  • .zigfy-maps is the cover for mapMode navigation (see zigfy.css)
  • .zigfy-maximize, .zigfy-full or .zigfy-custom (custom function) are classes of the container set by layouts


img.preload.js is an extension for jQuery to handle image preloading.

Here are examples of its use:

// preload every image with the same priority

// preload images with specific options
$('.gallery img').preload({
  priority: 1,  // default=0
  timeout: 0.1, // default=0
  loaded: function($img){
    $img.fadeIn(); // assuming they would be hidden before


  1. Debug full layout (some cases seem wrong)
  2. Better image loading (now, navigation seems to reload pictures, not from cache!)


0.4 - integrated a preloader img.preloader.js and changed full layout click to trigger next

0.3.1 - switchLayout action added, possibility to pass arguments to actions, CSS layout classes, as of last commit

0.3 - autoNav has been added (no timing-bar yet), as of commit 3d7e9532a29aa078dffa94167d27e0a7dd590f72

0.2 - customization, parameters and configuration, as of commit bd0540406b5664f81c14568fa3251e52042699bf

0.1 - base code for zigfy, as of commit f0891e67b4e206ee6861a218be95d6edfddd76f7

Future things

  • Switch to full layout by default
  • Maybe add a timing bar for autoNav
  • Maybe a navigation button for layouts
  • Maybe overview with thumbnails
  • Maybe a link to the original image (or a corresponding image)

And of course, debugging is important.


The code is released under the MIT license, as is.


If you have questions, request or find issues, don't hesitate.