P2P cryptocurrency without need of historical operations
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PascalLite: P2P Cryptocurrency without need of historical operations

PascalLite is a P2P Cryptocurrency with human-friendly account numbers (addresses) and without need of keeping historical opeartions, blockchain can be safely removed without any harm to users accounts and balances.
To start using it download precompiled Wallet application from Releases section or compile it from source code.
Exchanges, processing systems, online shops can use console linux Daemon to control accounts, send and receive payments.

Compiling PascalLite from Source

Wallet (Windows/Ubuntu)

  1. Install Lazarus IDE
  2. Open PascalLiteWallet.lpi
  3. Run -> Compile (CTRL + F9)

Daemon (Linux)

Compilation steps

  1. Retrieve new lists of packages and install gcc and make
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install make gcc
  1. Build Free Pascal Compiler

Download FPC source code version appropriate to your platform (ex.: fpc-3.0.2.x86_64-linux.tar) from https://sourceforge.net/projects/freepascal/files/Linux/3.0.2/

tar -xvf fpc-3.0.2.x86_64-linux.tar  
cd fpc-3.0.2.x86_64-linux  
  1. Build OpenSSL

Download latest available OpenSSL 1.1.x source code https://www.openssl.org/source/ (ex.: openssl-1.1.0e.tar.gz)

tar -xvf openssl-1.1.0e.tar.gz   
cd openssl-1.1.0e.tar.gz   
./config shared --prefix=$(pwd)/output   
make install
  1. Install lazarus package
sudo apt-get install lazarus

Under Ubuntu you'll need to install fp-units-fcl package

sudo apt-get install fp-units-fcl
  1. Get latest release at https://github.com/xiphon/PascalLite/releases or checkout bleeding edge development version of PascalLite's master
  2. Change to the root of the source code directory, copy libcrypto.so.1.1 from step 3, build PascalLite daemon
cd PascalLite  
cp <OPENSSL_FOLDER>/output/lib/libcrypto.so.1.1 .  
fpc -FuUnits/PascalCoin/ -FuSynapse/lib/ -FuUnits/Utils/ pascallited.pp
  1. Run PascalLite daemon in background
nohup ./pascallited -r &
  1. Configure daemon settings in ~/PascalLite/pascallite.ini


RPC control port is binded to by default. It serves HTTP requsts with JSON payload.
Both request and response are JSON objects.


  "id": number - request identifier,
  "method": string - one of the methods supported by PascalLite RPC,
  "params": object - additional parameters for the specified method,

Response on success

  "id": number - respective request identifier,
  "result": object - fields and data are based on the requested RPC method,
  "jsonrpc": "2.0"

Response on error

  "id": number - respective request identifier,
  "error": {
    "message": string - error message,
    "code": number - error code
  "jsonrpc": "2.0"

Methods, parameters and examples


  • account number
    Number of any existing account in the PascalLite network without checksum field appended (i.e. 0, 5, 43411 etc.)

{"id": 1, "method": "getaccount", "params": {"account": 5}}

{"result": {"account": 5,"enc_pubkey": "CA02200068C28485A677EA6520383B2001BF8230EA41FC8A9027EB72B99465B1587FCC97200040120C3178218C53B705698F7C1E7F42DC49EF50B7CA9E5ADC6332F7557C6015","balance": 237060.7542, "n_operation": 30, "updated_b": 16982}, "id": 1,"jsonrpc": "2.0"}


  • account number
    Account number (without checksum field appended)

{"id": 1, "method": "getaccountoperations", "params": {"account": 56219}}

{"result":[{"block":11345,"time":1488744081,"opblock":1,"optype":1,"account":56219,"optxt":"Transaction Received from 56215-59","amount":15.7603,"fee":0,"balance":15.7603,"payload":"","sender_account":56215,"dest_account":56219,"ophash":"512C000097DB0000010000004642443636433637354444344639443437303034"},{"block":11345,"time":1488744081,"opblock":0,"optype":2,"account":56219,"optxt":"Change Key to secp256k1","amount":0,"fee":0,"balance":0,"payload":"","enc_pubkey":"CA022000AC3ACF6D35C80845417CAAFF28C00CF27A733CC9282B236BD3343D1BA3F0E069200061697AA82AB6947DB7A95689AEDF6595212EBF97FF7D5EEAF9E6C1BF1458FDB6","ophash":"512C00009BDB0000010000003239304434353143344434423844343133463133"}],"id":1,"jsonrpc":"2.0"}


  • block number
    Block index

{"id": 1, "method": "getblock", "params": {"block": 7409}}

{"result":{"block":7409,"enc_pubkey":"CA0220005D034AF7777D9E4F7520C0D8827B74F5C97C44FC0E32B7546D87E5CF950C1310200014CAB82FC4E1423EC16EA16E000EDD9EE34D68ACA906656D943FCACE754C3690","reward":50,"fee":0,"ver":1,"ver_a":1,"timestamp":1487727945,"target":694482558,"nonce":2449493167,"payload":"onwork J\\u00C3\\u0084.-----","sbh":"884C88CDECD981C228FF3DD209F7A4259C5F6705D845D93AD78F5603936C73E6","oph":"E3B0C44298FC1C149AFBF4C8996FB92427AE41E4649B934CA495991B7852B855","pow":"00000000004D9E000C6EEA41C6982216F435F748E11ADA66A7588D213F81A486","operations":0,"hashratekhs":13239559,"maturation":9582},"id":1,"jsonrpc":"2.0"}


  • last number
    Return last N blocks


  • start number
    Starting block index
  • end number
    Last block index


  • start number
    Starting block index
  • max number
    Number of blocks to return

{"id": 1, "method": "getblocks", "params": {"start": 7409, "max": 2}}

{"result":[{"block":7411,"enc_pubkey":"CA022000B793C243DBDB337EF87BD0A205770A0AD4338DF1D3A86CE67AE32361A0F38D492000BA7165AB61FE77D5C93D788CFF1B99FB3A07901CC463A7F58F86270056327F9C","reward":50,"fee":0,"ver":1,"ver_a":1,"timestamp":1487729006,"target":695018620,"nonce":1498074272,"payload":"6969696901","sbh":"71C2B7C26A2D035F4E670A9607327D61EB14F8A94790EA087AE202361B72300C","oph":"E3B0C44298FC1C149AFBF4C8996FB92427AE41E4649B934CA495991B7852B855","pow":"00000000003D39061F78B3DB9B8C19F3D680535523D04DEE835E69394C4D25C2","operations":0,"hashratekhs":13134639,"maturation":9581},{"block":7410,"enc_pubkey":"CA022000FC794EF7F7AE8BB0AF12A3E90B999C499F9B984362C1FEE13F79F8CD2849FE2820003AEC82CCDC5C183CA80D9DCAB7C8E4EFC3A65C36A3507ED050D5AD0F6D1D4F84","reward":50,"fee":0,"ver":1,"ver_a":1,"timestamp":1487728263,"target":694751936,"nonce":3852888025,"payload":"mrjaekinRX480Rig\\/0----------------","sbh":"68D7075B83B70EDC3AD051E4A05E74365B344A1E0779A0BADBCF478AFEE0DF06","oph":"E3B0C44298FC1C149AFBF4C8996FB92427AE41E4649B934CA495991B7852B855","pow":"0000000000256F2AAECE262DEF226227FA19466634FDA90ECC638571B4D4AE75","operations":0,"hashratekhs":12992418,"maturation":9582},{"block":7409,"enc_pubkey":"CA0220005D034AF7777D9E4F7520C0D8827B74F5C97C44FC0E32B7546D87E5CF950C1310200014CAB82FC4E1423EC16EA16E000EDD9EE34D68ACA906656D943FCACE754C3690","reward":50,"fee":0,"ver":1,"ver_a":1,"timestamp":1487727945,"target":694482558,"nonce":2449493167,"payload":"onwork J\\u00C3\\u0084.-----","sbh":"884C88CDECD981C228FF3DD209F7A4259C5F6705D845D93AD78F5603936C73E6","oph":"E3B0C44298FC1C149AFBF4C8996FB92427AE41E4649B934CA495991B7852B855","pow":"00000000004D9E000C6EEA41C6982216F435F748E11ADA66A7588D213F81A486","operations":0,"hashratekhs":13239559,"maturation":9583}],"id":1,"jsonrpc":"2.0"}


  • ophash string
    Unique operations hash for transaction

{"id": 1, "method": "findoperation", "params": {"ophash": "62420000ED480100050000004538314141333541303839453037423739364334"}}

{"result":{"block":16994,"time":1490131975,"opblock":7,"optype":1,"account":84205,"optxt":"Transaction Sent to 84469-17","amount":-12.25,"fee":0,"payload":"","sender_account":84205,"dest_account":84469,"ophash":"62420000ED480100050000004538314141333541303839453037423739364334"},"id":1,"jsonrpc":"2.0"}


  • sender number
    Source account
  • target: number
    Destination account
  • amount: float
    Amount of PASL to send
  • fee: float Optional
    Amount of fees to be included into transaction. Default: 0
  • payload: string Optional
    Hex-encoded data to be included as payload into transaction
  • payload_method: string Optional, ignored if "payload" field is not set
    Can be one of "none", "dest", "sender".
    "none" - do not encrypt payload (everyone will see payload contents)
    "dest" - encrypt paylaod with destination account's public key (only receiver of the transaction will be able to decode the payload)
    "sender" - encrypt payload with source account public key (only sender will be able to see payload contents)

{"id": 1, "method": "sendto", "params": {"sender": 84140, "target": 84135, "amount": 0.9, "fee": 0.1}}

{"result":{"block":0,"time":0,"opblock":-1,"optype":1,"account":84140,"optxt":"Transaction Sent to 84135-14","amount":-0.9,"fee":-0.1,"balance":0,"payload":"","sender_account":84140,"dest_account":84135,"ophash":"00000000AC480100060000003132413239373946443332333133393542454242"},"id":1,"jsonrpc":"2.0"}


  • payload string
    Hex-string with payload data to be encrypted
  • payload_method string Optional
    Can be one of "none", "pubkey", "aes".
    "none" - do nothing, return payload as is.
    "pubkey" - encrypt payload with public key provided.
    If payload_method is "pubkey" you must provide one of the following parameters:
  • enc_pubkey string Required
    Public key in encrypted format
  • b58_pubkey string Required
    Public key in Base58 format
    If payload_method is "aes":
  • pwd string Required
    Password that will be used to encrypt payload with AES


  • payload string
    Hex-string with payload data to be decrypted
  • pwds array Required
    Passwords to be used if payload was encrypted with AES.
    Provide an empty array if the payload wasn't encrypted with AES.

No parameters


  • start number
    Internal index of account to start from. First account in the wallet will have index 0
  • max number
    Number of accounts to return
  • enc_pubkey string Optional
    Return accounts that are belong only to specified encryted public key
  • b58_pubkey string Optional
    Return accounts that are belong only to specified Base58 public key

You must specify one of the following parameters:

  • enc_pubkey string
    Return information about encryted public key
  • b58_pubkey string
    Return information about Base58 public key


  • start number
    Internal index of public key to start from. First public key in the wallet will have index 0
  • max number
    Number of public keys to return


  • enc_pubkey string Optional
  • b58_pubkey string Optional


  • account number
  • new_enc_pubkey string Optional
  • new_b58c_pubkey string Optional
  • fee float Optional
  • payload string Optional
  • payload_method string Optional


  • accountы string
  • new_enc_pubkey string Optional
  • new_b58c_pubkey string Optional
  • fee float Optional
  • payload string Optional
  • payload_method string Optional


  • enc_pubkey string Optional
  • b58_pubkey string Optional


  • block number
  • opblock number


  • block number
  • start number Optional
  • max number Optional

No parameters


  • nodes string




  • rawoperations string




No parameters


  • pwd string


  • pwd string

No parameters

No parameters

No parameters

No parameters


Distributed under the MIT software license, see the accompanying file LICENSE or visit http://www.opensource.org/licenses/mit-license.php.

This product includes software developed by the OpenSSL Project and Denis Grinyuk https://github.com/Arvur/OpenSSL-Delphi, and some cryptographic functions inspirated in code written by Ladar Levison and Marco Ferrante.

Starting point for the project was PascalCoin source code originally written by Albert Molina and available at https://github.com/PascalCoin/PascalCoin

Supporting the Project

Donations can be sent directly to PascalLite development account: 0-10