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A way to bridge jack audio midi and RTP midi
Java Shell
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I was looking for a rather simple way to make JACK stuff talk to Apple MIDI devices (Mainly a mac running ableton) this is the solution i came up with. I Know, I know, Java for something like this? Why not it works well. I'm not positive i've mastered all the timing aspects, however i've pumped midi files in both directions and it sounded good. If you have any suggestions please feel free to ask away.

On the linux/Jack Side

alt text

On The Mac/Apple/RTP Side

alt text

Things you will need to do to prepare your system

  • sudo apt-get-install maven openjdk-8-jdk libjack-jackd2-dev
  • ./

To run this program just type "./midi-bridge" (it must be run from the machine running jack)

usage: midi-bridge
 -d,--debug            Turn on debug.
 -h,--help             Show command line options and usage.
 -j,--jackname <arg>   Set the interface name for jack.
 -r,--rtpname <arg>    Set the interface name for RTP.

Thanks to the creators of:

for making this project possible

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