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Notes for Xitrum developers.
-Delete snapshots
+Publish to Sonatype
-While developing, you may need to publish and delete published snapshots.
+Run ``sbt publish`` or ``sbt`` then from SBT command prompt run ``+ publish``.
+Login at and from "Staging Repositories" select the
+newly published item, then click "Close".
-To publish, run ``sbt`` then from SBT command prompt run ``+ publish``.
+Delete local snapshots
-To delete snapshots:
+While developing, you may need do local publish.
+Run ``sbt publish-local`` or ``sbt`` then from SBT command prompt run ``+ publish-local``.
+To delete:
@@ -19,7 +25,5 @@ Netty 4
**This part will be removed when Netty 4 is officially released.**
File upload feature in Xitrum needs `Netty <>`_ 4,
-which has not been released.
-You can use `nightly builds <`_
-instead of `building it yourself <>`_.
+which has not been released. Netty 4 is built and put at

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