paramo, params, and paramso should not filter out empty params #482

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Recently in old xitrum we use this template:

if (paramo("something").isEmpty) {
//   ...

With this we check only if parameter is passed to controller, like this http://my/controller?something=&.... After updating to latest xitrum this behaviour does not work.

As work around we use:

def isParamSet(name: String) =

May be this method should be added to default xitrum.Action, may be with different name. This method should only check is parameter passed to controller.

@ngocdaothanh ngocdaothanh changed the title from FeatureRequest isParamSet to Feature request: isParamSet Dec 11, 2014

The problem is from #443.

Instead of adding isParamSet, I think I should fix paramo, params, and paramso to not filter out empty params.

Do you have further suggestion?


Yeahh i think that paramo should not filter empty string

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What do you think about how paramo[Int]("age") should behave when the param is an empty String? Throw exception? Return None?

@ngocdaothanh ngocdaothanh added this to the Xitrum 3.20 milestone Dec 11, 2014

I think that exception should thrown in this case.


Thanks for the suggestion.
I'll release Xitrum 3.20 in a few hours.



From Xitrum 3.20, instead of:


Please write:

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