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The Database README
By default Chicago Boss uses an in-memory database, which is useful for
development and testing but not much else.
Using PostgreSQL/MySQL
Open up boss.config and set db_adapter to pgsql or mysql. You should also set:
- db_host
- db_port
- db_username
- db_password
- db_database
To use Chicago Boss with a SQL database, you need to create a table for each of
your model files. The table name should be the plural of the model name. Field
names should be the underscored versions of the model attribute names. Use
whatever data types make sense for your application. The "id" field should be
a serial integer. (However, the generated BossRecord ID exposed to your
application will still have the form "model_name-1".)
To use the counter features, you need a table called "counters" with a "name"
and "value" column, like these:
CREATE TABLE counters (
Using Tokyo Tyrant
Tokyo Tyrant is a non-relational database developed by FAL Labs.
1. Download and install Tokyo Tyrant from <>
2. Run Tyrant with a table database. Other database types are not supported.
3. Open up boss.config and set db_adapter to tyrant
1. The erlang VM needs a name to run Mnesia (-name or -sname option on the erl command)
2. There needs to be a cookie set (file .erlang.cookie) even on a single node db
3. Open up boss.config and set db_adapter to mnesia
Riak is a NoSQL database developed by Basho Technologies.
1. Install Riak as described at
2. Start a Riak node with `sudo riak start`
3. Open up boss.config and set db_adapter to riak.
For query operations to work, you need to have Riak Search installed.