A MATLAB Implementation of GrabCut (Excluding Border Matting and User Editing)
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A MATLAB Implementation of GrabCut (Excluding Border Matting and User Editing)

This project implements

  title={Grabcut: Interactive foreground extraction using iterated graph cuts},
  author={Rother, Carsten and Kolmogorov, Vladimir and Blake, Andrew},
  journal={ACM Transactions on Graphics (TOG)},

in MATLAB, and it excludes border matting and user editing. That is, it implements everything up to

Iterative minimisation 4. Repeat from step 1 until convergence

as in Figure 3 in the original paper.


Example Usage

GAMMA = 20;
% Inputs and parameters
im_in = imread('./grabcut/results/test4.jpg');
% GrabCut
im_out = grabcut(im_in, GAMMA);
imwrite(im_out, './grabcut/results/test4_out.jpg');


The author would like to thank the Computer Vision Research Group at the University of Western Ontario for making their implementation of the max-flow/min-cut algorithm publicly available here.