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##Coursera Alfred everything occurs here are still changing along with development, so please often get back to get the latest info.

##What is this

Coursera Alfred is an all-in-one chrome extension for coursera.


  • courses'schedule



  • multi-download button for multi-downloading videos and/or slides
  • keyboard-shortcut customization
  • desktop notifcation of upcoming deadlines
  • auto sync courses calendar to third party calendar account

##To Developer

  • Coursera alfred is developed with angluarJS, so you need to understand some thing about it for better developing.

  • Also you are supposed to have some knowledge of chrome extension api.

  • We use Kris Kowal's Promise implementation Q to deal with async code.


  • install node.js and npm first
  • we use bower as our client-side package manager, run npm install -g bower to install bower
  • bower install to install all the dependencies


  • Here are three main folders in ./src.There are bg, browser_action and inject.

  • bg stands for background page, which is always running at backgroud. We use it to fetch data from coursera, parse data and then store parsed data in localStorage.

  • browser_action is the popup window when you click the extension icon, which fetch the data from localStorage .

  • The inject is for all the content-script running in the context of Coursera's own page. Currently, there is only the multi-download button inject in the Coursera course page.



Use github to open a issue if you have any problem or feature request.

Pull requests are welcome;)


If you like it, you may want to donate by alipay( or gratipay to us.


Coursera Alfred is released under the MIT License.

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