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/* A variant of IMO 2019, problem 2 */
/* Declare angles for A, B, C, A₂, B₂ */
declare([theta_a, theta_b, theta_c, theta_a2, theta_b2], real);
/* Declare ratio for P and Q */
declare(r, real);
/* Choose C on the real axis, avoiding possible heap exhaustion. */
theta_c : 0;
/* A, B, C, A₂, B₂ are on the unit circle. */
a : %e^(%i * theta_a);
b : %e^(%i * theta_b);
c : %e^(%i * theta_c);
a2 : %e^(%i * theta_a2);
b2 : %e^(%i * theta_b2);
/* A₁ is the intersection of AA₂ and BC. */
a1 : intersect(a, a2, b, c);
/* B₁ is the intersection of BB₂ and CA. */
b1 : intersect(b, b2, c, a);
/* L is the intersection of AA₂ and BB₂. */
l : intersect(a, a2, b, b2);
/* PQ is parallel to AB. */
p : (l - a) * r + a;
q : (l - b) * r + b;
/* P₁ is the intersection of PB₁ and the circumcircle of B₁B₂C. */
ob : circumcenter(b1, b2, c);
p1 : reflect(ob, %i * (p - b1) + ob, b1);
/* Q₁ is the intersection of QA₁ and the circumcircle of A₁A₂C. */
oa : circumcenter(a1, a2, c);
q1 : reflect(oa, %i * (q - a1) + oa, a1);
/* Prove that A₂, B₂, P, Q, P₁, Q₁ are concyclic. */
prove(concyclic(a2, b2, p, q));
prove(concyclic(a2, b2, p, p1));
prove(concyclic(a2, b2, p, q1));