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A customised version of RVM that uses the non-standard install locations and environment variables in use on the RedHat OpenShift service.
## Installing
- $ curl -L | bash -s
-Because of the limitations in place on the OpenShift system, you cannot have RVM inserted as a bash function through ~/.bash_profile, so you'll need to run the following command any time you wish to use RVM through SSH access:
- $ source $OPENSHIFT_DATA_DIR/.rvm/scripts/rvm
+There's now a detailed guide written on my blog here:
-## Using SSH with OpenShift
+## Credits & Contributions
-To SSH into your OpenShift app box, find your SSH connection details using the rhc tools gem:
- $ rhc-user-info -l <email> -p <password>
+RVM - I've merely edited some of the variables in the scripts, so all credit for RVM goes to the contributors and original developers of this awesome piece of software.
-It should look something like the following:
+OpenShift - Red Hat are quickly changing the game when it comes to PaaS cloud services. When it goes open-source soon, It'll be even better!
-Then use this info to SSH into your box:
- $ ssh
- $ <password> type...type...type...
+I'm no expert when it comes to bash/ruby and still learning, so if you spot any bugs or want to improve it, please feel free!
+~ @xiy

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