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A patient record registry built to simplify healthcare professionals' paper workflow.
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A cloud-based medical record management system built for healthcare professionals

Development History

This project was originally created at ArchHacks in November 2016. It is currently being further revised and edited for the GE Health Cloud Innovation Challenge.

ChartPort is no longer in active development.


  • User Accounts - Support for both doctors and system administrators.
  • Patient Records - Patients "belong" to a doctor in the system, but can be transferred easily to other doctors. Only the current doctor may edit patient information.
  • Patient Notes - Records entered by a doctor about the patient, appearing on the patient's record in ChartPort.
  • Prescriptions and Medications - Doctors can add prescriptions to patient records.
  • Hospitals - ChartPort includes support to show registered hospitals or other medical facilities. Each page includes Google Maps Geolocation support.
  • Hospital Registrations - Doctor accounts can "register" to any hospital they practice at. Registrations can be viewed from the Doctor's page. A list of registrations per hospital can be seen at the hospital's record page.
  • Encryption - Data contained within ChartPort is encrypted.

How to download/install for development

Make sure you have RVM, Ruby, and Ruby Gems installed. You will also need postgres installed.

Git clone the app, cd into the directory, then run bundle.

Next, set up the database: bundle exec rake db:create. Migrate the database: bundle exec rake db:migrate.

Finally, to run over localhost, run rails server. Navigate to localhost:3000 to see the app in your browser.


Create a new branch with your features/updates and create a pull request on Github.

A page style guide (for front-end/view development) can be found here.

Deployment information

ChartPort's production environment was previously deployed to AWS with an RDS mysql database. It is currently hosted on Heroku for demo purposes.

Browser Support

ChartPort should be should be able to run on all browsers from IE9 and higher.

Future Development

There are currently no plans to develop ChartPort any further beyond upgrading dependencies for "fun".


X Coan [Github]

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