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Drupal 8 community video curriculum

This is an open-source curriculum on Drupal 8 for developers. The lessons will be provided to the Drupal community as free videos and as a text tutorial.

How to use the curriculum

The lessons are provided in order from basic to advanced topics, with later lessons building on earlier ones. It's not required to go through the lessons in order; for example, developers who are comfortable with object-oriented programming (OOP) in PHP might choose to skip lesson 2 (below). The recommended background for each lesson will be linked under "What should I know first?"


  1. Drupal 8: What's inside the folder (Drupalize.Me)
  2. Object-oriented PHP: The basics (BuildAModule)
  3. OO patterns in Drupal 8: PSR-0, dependency injection, and more (Drupalize.Me)
  4. Automated testing in Drupal 8 (BuildAModule)
  5. Using the Drupal 8 configuration system (Drupalize.Me)
  6. Using blocks in Drupal 8 (BuildAModule)
  7. The Drupal 8 Configuration API
  8. Menus and routing in Drupal 8
  9. Forms in Drupal 8
  10. The Drupal 8 Cache API
  11. Plugins: The basics
  12. Plugins: Advanced
  13. Working with entities in Drupal 8
  14. Defining your own entity types in Drupal 8
  15. Configuration entities
  16. Views plugins in Drupal 8
  17. Developing with Drupal 8 blocks
  18. Fields, widgets, and formatters in Drupal 8


This project is a collaboration between BuildAModule, Drupalize.Me, and the Acquia Office of the CTO.


This curriculum is made freely available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 license). You are free to use, share, and modify this work, but you must give attribution by linking back to the GitHub repository, and you must share your modified work under this same license.