HaoIDE is a Sublime Text 3 plugin for Salesforce1 and Force.com Development
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Sublime IDE for Salesforce

This plugin supports Sublime Text 3 for windows and OSX, not tested for Linux.

All of my motivation on this plugin come from your star, if you think this plugin is helpful in your daily work, please star this plugin.


Before install this plugin, you must install Sublime Text 3 and then Package Control.

After you have installed package control in your sublime, you can install this plugin by searching haoide in package control, if you don't know how to use package control, you can refer to usage of package control.

Or, You can follow the step-by-step instruction by Meighan Brodkey

Project Configuration

After you have installed this plugin successfully, you can follow Project Configuration to configure your own project.

Change Logs

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Build-in Dependency Lib


  • Refresh Package vs Update Project

    • Refresh Package can update the project by the package.xml in the project folder or project/src folder
    • Update Project will update the project according to subscribed metadata
  • Refresh Folder vs Update Project

    • Generally, Refresh Folder can be used to update the components in the chosen folders
    • However, Update Project is always used to refresh all folders or newly subscribed metadata
  • Save to Server vs Deploy to Server

    • Save to Server is achieved by Tooling API tech, which is usually used to develop apex code in sandbox
    • Deploy to Server is achieved by Metadata API tech, which is usually used to develop none-apex in sandbox, deploy any components into different org or production
  • What's the usage of Update Project Pattern command?

    • Everytime when you udpate the file_exclude_patterns or folder_exclude_patterns, you must execute Update Project Pattern command to ensure it is working.
    • Everytime when the default project doesn't appeared in the sidebar panel, you an use this command to show the default project.
  • If you failed to deploy package after release 3.3.7

    • you should remove deploy_options from your user settings, see more detail at issue #101
  • If all menu items are all gray and disabled after you installed haoide

    • You should check whether issue #112 can resolve your problem
  • Don't want to create new project with time stamp every day?

    • You can set keep_project_name_time_suffix to false
  • What is the usage of mouesmap key bindings?

    • Press shift + Dblclick left mouse button: Quick open component by name
    • Press alt + Click left mouse button: Retrieve debug log detail by id
    • Press alt + DblClick left mouse button: View code coverage by name
    • Press alt + Triple Click left mouse button: Cancel deployment by Id