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A phaser implementation of destructible terrain helper library for 2D games. Using quad-tree algorithm, typescript and Phaser 3.
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Destructible Terrain With Phaser

A work in progress.

Current progress - example screenshot:

The below example show 4 destructible objects.

  • Terrain blocks are rendered with hollow green frames.
  • Destroyed blocks are rendered with hollow red frames.
  • The bottom right object is constructed by using other destructible objects. Rendering by textures.
  • Yellow double circles, showing ray-to-mouse-position collision statuses with all objects.



  1. run npm install
  2. run devserver.bat


  • Support draw/erase with circles, triangles, rectangles, lines
  • Destructible objects base class, allow extends, support draw/erase with another destructible object.
  • Support collision check with static or moving points, lines.
  • Calculation for area
  • Examples


  • Phaser 3, Typescript, Lodash, Webpack

Task List

  1. Destructible object collision check with another moving destructible object? Returns 2 points where the destructible object first reached each other.

  2. Desctructable Object save/load (serialization) ( already done in /spacewarrealism repo, wait for pulling )

Pending Task List (implement on high demand only)

  • Moving destructible objet colision with a static line
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