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I changed up the code so that UV functions are called instead of EV functions. Let me know what you think.

and others added some commits Apr 13, 2012
@xk Merge pull request #8 from fmgdias/patch-1
Added Includes <sys/time.h>, <sys/signal.h>, <sys/wait.h>
@SamJBarney SamJBarney Implemented uv instead of ev d0eba98
@domenic domenic referenced this pull request Sep 3, 2012

Windows support #25


+1 this is much needed.

I know that around June Jorge was not happy with some of the api and performance. Would like to know what he thinks now.


I've merged this pull request to the webworker-threads fork, which also has .gyp building support. Thank you!

As for Windows support, it seems that uv_cond_t is now part of node 0.9.3, so it's possible that we can switch to uv's threading primitives for node 0.10.

@audreyt audreyt referenced this pull request Nov 10, 2012

Windows support #28

xk commented Jan 30, 2013

fixed by 409c470

@xk xk closed this Jan 30, 2013
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