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A Lisp environment for the web.
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Electric Parens

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Electric Parens is a Lisp environment written in Dart.

Getting Started

There are a bunch of binaries in bin/, all prefixed with eparens-. You can install them globally with pub, by executing the following within the repository's directory:

pub get
pub global activate --source path .

eparens-osc executes Lisp source code provided on standard input. The last expression must create a procedure that accepts and returns one number, from -1 to 1 inclusive. This procedure is interpreted as a waveform, and is rendered as 64-bit PCM at 44.1kHz. Here's the command I've been using during development:

cat lisp/audio.lisp | eparens-osc | head -c 2M > test.raw && sox -c 1 -r 44100 -t f64 test.raw test.wav

eparens-irc is an IRC bot that evaluates Electric Lisp. It uses the following environment variables:

export EPARENS_IRC_NICKNAME="chunkylover53"
export EPARENS_IRC_PASSWORD="password123"
export EPARENS_IRC_CHANNEL="#eparens"

API documentation for the Dart implementation is available on GitHub Pages.

Electric Lisp

Electric Lisp is a Lisp-1, with fexprs and delimited continuations:

  • Lisp-1 means there's just one namespace for both values and functions, as opposed to a Lisp-2 like Emacs Lisp.

  • Fexprs are kind of like "first class macros": the primitive constructor of procedures is vau, not lambda, and it creates procedures that receive their arguments unevaluated, in addition to the environment at the call site.

  • Delimited continuations are like purely functional macros: they enable more well-behaved synactic abstraction than fexprs or macros, and in particular they allow the concise expression of monadic design patterns.


Electric Parens is available under the GNU Affero General Public License, version 3; see the LICENSE file for details.

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