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Magic Word

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An experimental programming system that combines modern research in programming languages and artificial intelligence. Typed, purely functional concatenative code for scripting the web β€” and others! With deep learning! πŸš€



Magic Word is a collection of compilers and services written in F# and targeting the web platform. The common theme is ABC, a purely functional bytecode designed for livecoding and program synthesis.

Getting Started

dotnet build at the top-level will build all projects. At the moment Magic Word is vaporware, but some time real soon, dotnet run --project ./src/MagicWord.Wiki will start the wiki, which will walk you through further configuration and usage.

magic-word.sln is a .NET solution containing a number of projects:


MagicWord.Functions provides evaluators for the purely functional bytecode, known as ABC, that powers the Magic Word project. Its unique feature is its rewriting semantics, that allows programs to be paused, migrated, and resumed at arbitrary points during execution.


The Magic Word project takes the view that programming language theory should embrace techniques based on statistics as well as logic. MagicWord.Bots implements neural language models trained on selected corpuses of ABC code. These models are used for program synthesis, taking inspiration from several recent developments in machine learning, such as Language Models are Unsupervised Multitask Learners and Neural Program Synthesis with Priority Queue Training.


MagicWord.Wiki implements a web server that allows collaborative community development of ABC programs.


MagicWord.Media implements conversions between ABC and various multimedia formats: audio, images, video and so on. A typical example is a function from infinite, continuous two dimensional space to some color space being interpreted as an image (e.g. R^2 -> R^4).


Documentation created with mdBook is available on GitHub Pages.


Magic Word is available under the terms of the GNU Affero General Public License, version 3; see the LICENSE file for details.

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