keymap handling library for toolkits and window systems
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whot and bluetech link the sources directly into libxkbcommon-x11
Similar to 75ce741, just for the -x11

This works around meson bug 3937, 'link_whole' arguments don't get added into
the final static library and we end up with a virtually empty 8-byte
libxkbcommon-x11.a file, see mesonbuild/meson#3937

The internal lib is still built for the one test case that requires it.

Fixes #86

Signed-off-by: Peter Hutterer <>
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libxkbcommon is a keyboard keymap compiler and support library which processes a reduced subset of keymaps as defined by the XKB (X Keyboard Extension) specification. It also contains a module for handling Compose and dead keys.

Quick Guide

See Quick Guide.


libxkbcommon is built with Meson:

meson setup build
ninja -C build

To build for use with Wayland, you can disable X11 support while still using the X11 keyboard configuration resource files thusly:

meson setup build \
    -Denable-x11=false \
    -Dxkb-config-root=/usr/share/X11/xkb \
ninja -C build


While libxkbcommon's API is somewhat derived from the classic XKB API as found in X11/extensions/XKB.h and friends, it has been substantially reworked to expose fewer internal details to clients.

See the API Documentation.


libxkbcommon does not distribute a keymap dataset itself, other than for testing purposes. The most common dataset is xkeyboard-config, which is used by all current distributions for their X11 XKB data. More information on xkeyboard-config is available here:

The dataset for Compose is distributed in libX11, as part of the X locale data.

Relation to X11

See Compatibility notes.


An extremely rudimentary homepage can be found at

xkbcommon is maintained in git at

Patches are always welcome, and may be sent to either or or through github.

Bug reports are also welcome, and may be filed either at Bugzilla or Github

The maintainers are


Many thanks are due to Dan Nicholson for his heroic work in getting xkbcommon off the ground initially.