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a lightweight php+postgresql messageboard

Requirements: Apache /w mod_rewrite enabled PHP 5x PostgreSQL 8x Sphinx 0.9x

Caveats: Currently the board software does not support being installed in a folder, ie:

Installation: 1. Create database in PostgreSQL. 2. Run the SQL creation scripts in /doc/ (skip 0-Migrate) 3. Rename /config.default.php to config.php and modify as needed. 4. Rename /lang/en.default.php to en.php and modify as needed. 5. Rename /lang/en_header.default.php to en_header.php and modify as needed. 6. Rename /lang/en_footer.default.php to en_footer.php and modify as needed. 7. Rename /class/Plugin.default.php to Plugin.php and modify as needed.

More details to follow.

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