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A list of awesome vegetarian-friendly restaurants in SF
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Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants in San Francisco


  • Jay's Cheesesteaks (many seitan flavors)
  • Ike's Place (tons of amazing veggie sandwiches)
  • Toaster Oven (Potbelly's clone)
  • Freddie's Sandwiches (in north beach if you don't want to go all the way to, or wait in the line at, Ike's; get the jalapeno spread)
  • Rhea's Deli (Great seitan BBQ Chicken sandwhich, and cheese sandwhiches of the highest quality)
  • Love n Haight (lots of veggie meat options and open late)


  • Papalote (their house salsa is the best IN THE WORLD)
  • El Buen Sabor (my favorite super veggie burrito)
  • Taqueria Cancún (classic mission burrito; open till 2am on fri/sat, 1am other days, I think)
  • Weird Fish (seitan tacos and sweet potato fries. yum!)
  • Gracias Madre (Vegan mexican food)


  • Tsunami (awesomest veggie rolls and sake selection)
  • Chaya (all vegan japanese and sushi)


  • Cafe Ethiopia (Veggie combo with #13, #16, #19, and a full order of #23)


  • OSHA (Tom Ka and Veggie Spring Rolls are to die for)
  • Tara (not too busy usually, great Pad Ke Mao)
  • Tuk Tuk Cafe (cheap and good veggie options)


  • Yum Yum Hunan (get the Veggie Potstickers, General Tso Meatless Chicken, and Szechuan String Bean. Order outside of this selection at your own peril)
  • Golden Era (excellent selection of seitan fake meat dishes)
  • Big Lantern (Good selection of seiten fake meat)


  • Pakwan (amazing Paneer Tika Masala, and many other veggie dishes)
  • Udupi Palace (all vegetarian south indian)
  • Kasa (indian food wraps. sounds weird; tastes good!; several locations)


  • Burma Superstar (get the samosa soup and rainbow salad. it'll blow your mind)


  • Sunflower (the best lunch special around. delicious soup and egg rolls)

Burgers and Fries

  • Barney's Gourmet Hamburger (big selection of awesome veggie burgers. get the curly fries and a turkish coffee shake to round it out!)


  • Marcellos (best thin crust)
  • Golden Boy (thick crust, good during a night of drinking up in North Beach)
  • Patxi's Pizza (best chicago style deep dish in the city)
  • Flour + Water
  • South Beach Cafe
  • Tony's Pizza Napoletana
  • Zero Zero (when it opens later this year. i'm assuming it'll be awesome because Picco's in Sausalito is awesome)


  • Tartine (super famous bakery. try the morning buns!)
  • Mama's (holy crap so amazing, get here if you can!)
  • Butler and the Chef (Veggie Eggs Benedict rules)
  • Dottie's (black bean cakes, zucchini cakes are good additions to the standard brunch fare)
  • Fatoush (the perfect brunch spot, especially on their back patio when it's nice out)
  • Pork Store Cafe (veggie brunch stuff including vegan option)


  • Greens
  • Millennium - Vegan. Fantastic use of fungi


  • Gestalt Haus (veggie sausages)
  • Zeitgeist (Veggie burger, cheese tamales)
  • Monk's Kettle (house vegan chilli, house? veggie burgers, giant pretzels!)
  • Beretta (veg/vegan pizza options and plenty of other veg friendly dishes)

Ice Cream!

  • Bi-rite Creamery (right next to the park and they offer 2 or 3 vegan options usually)
  • Humphrey Slocombe
  • Maggie Mudd's (best vegan ice cream pretty much ever)
  • Mitchell's
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