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Jobs At Xkit

We're hiring at Xkit! Take a look at the open positions below and send us an email at jobs@[our main domain] with the position you're interested in and we'll take it from there.

About Xkit

Software is eating the world, and that software is going to be connected together. Xkit is helping bring that future to fruition by building tools that make it easier for developers to add integrations to their apps.

We're a small, fully remote team. We pride ourselves on being able to "punch above our weight" - our ability to build products better and faster than teams that are orders of magnitude larger. We are first principles thinkers in everything from technical design to how we run engineering processes. Everyone on the team is capable of and prefers to operate with high levels of autonomy, but we often collaborate at the design level to find the best solutions for our customers.

We focus obsessively on the holistic customer experience, trying to figure out how best we can help the customer (even when that means teaching them the best way to do it themselves rather than selling them something). We cut scope aggressively, striving to deliver only what is absolutely needed and nothing superfluous. We take delight in our customers' delights - the little things that make a product a pleasure to use - which we don't consider superfluous, but rather essential to the product experience.

We try to operate by principles rather than by processes or rules.

Examples of how these attitudes manifest in our day-to-day lives include:

  • No standups: no added value for our current team size
  • Ignoring code coverage: tests should make our and our customers' lives better; we're after practical bug prevention, not a magic number
  • One command deploys: changing code in production should be easy to do and easy to do right

We expect all members of our team to be:

  • focused: on the customer and on our overarching business goals
  • skilled: highly skilled in their field; good critical thinkers and fast learners outside of it
  • workers: action-oriented, finishers, willing to contribute outside their area of expertise

Open Positions

Senior Web Application Engineer

  • Remote (But with ~2 hours of overlap between 9am and 2pm PT most week days)

Senior UX Engineer

  • Remote (But with ~2 hours of overlap between 9am and 2pm PT most week days)

Senior DevOps Engineer

  • Remote (But with ~2 hours of overlap between 9am and 2pm PT most week days)
  • 4-8 week contract with possibility for full-time
  • 20 hours per week


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