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Improved CodeMirror VIM mode with vim-seek
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This is a fork of the original CodeMirror Vim mode that provides vim-seek among other things that (imho) improves the Vim experience on CodeMirror. It works on LightTable as a drop-in replacement for the vanilla Vim plugin, and otherwise replaces vim.js on any CodeMirror-based editors. Some of its features might drive vintage Vim users nuts, though.

This repo will stay updated with upstream master and work with the latest version of CodeMirror.


  • vim-seek with s & S. ; and , repeats seeking in forward/backward direction
  • Removes f & F (adding them back should be very simple though), and replaces them with pagewise vim-seek (like seek, but searches the entire screen). Works with ; and , too.
  • t & T now does tail seek like x in vim-seek.
  • Working g flag in substitute (Will commit to upstream).
  • Yank that does not copy extra character after the cursor. (Will commmit to upstream).
  • Copies to/Pastes from system clipboard when no register is specified. (Only works in node-webkit based editors, will silently fail otherwise)
  • Maps U to redo. It used to map to do nothing.
  • Maps C-k & C-j to page-up/down. They used to do nothing.
  • Maps C-- & C-+ to walk backward/forward in jumplist.
  • Compatibility with LightTable - works as a plugin.
  • Moar in development

Installation on LightTable

First, remove the vanilla Vim plugin.

Then nagivate to:

mac: ~/Library/Application Support/LightTable linux: ~/.config/LightTable windows: %APPDATALOCAL%/LightTable

Download this repo and throw it in the plugins folder. Should work out of the gate.


All Credits to goldfeld who created the awesome vim-seek extension.

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