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@@ -2,11 +2,15 @@ Node.CLI
By SchizoDuckie
Updated By xkxx
Super simple CLI cursor position control to spice up your script's functionality in terminal/console windows
Updated for 0.4.*
Requires util
Free to use and modify.
@@ -34,19 +38,23 @@ Same as cli.write(), except will add a new line
cli.print('We are');
cli.print('In different lines');
### cli.color(text_color, [bold(boolean or cli.bold), [background_color]])
### cli.color(text_color, [[background_color, [text_styles...]])
Set colors and styles
Choices of Text and background colors: default, gray, red, green, yellow, blue, magenta, cyan, white.
Choices of Text styles: bold, underscore, blink, inverse, conceal, nobold, nounderscore, noblink, noinverse, noconceal, frame, encircle, overline, no_frame_or_circle, nooverline.
cli.color('yellow', cli.bold).write('Here is some yellow text.');
Try node example.js to see this in action.
See screenshot.png for an impression of what you can do.

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