A command-line utility for downloading last.fm free recommmended mp3's
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A command-line utility for downloading last.fm free recommmended mp3's

Requires libxml-to-js. You can install it by: npm install libxml-to-js


To start the script, type node app.js.


Edit $.config in app.js:

rssURL: the url to your last.fm free mp3 download RSS. You can find it at http://last.fm/home .

cacheFile: where the downloaded RSS will be cached. It's default to lastfm-rss.json .

downloadedFile: where a record of downloaded mp3 will be stored. Default to lastfm-downloaded.json .

mp3Folder: where downloaded mp3 will be saved. Default to /Downloads.

Other Configurations:

userAgent: User agent used for downloading. Default to Linux FF 7.0.

cacheRefresh: How long, in days, the current cache can last before refreshing. Default to 1 day.

maxRetry: How many times the program will retry before skipping to the next one.

speedNotify: Frequency in seconds the program will notify about the current speed. Default to every 10 seconds.

haltTolerance: Along with speedNotify defines how long the program allows the current download to be halting before taking actions. Currently it will simply pause and then resume the download.