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one colorscheme pack to rule them all!
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this branch is meant for preparing releases of this

there are a few files:

  • harvest.rb: downloads all colorschemes from; caches the links in a file called links
  • crosscheck.rb: used to extract data from the links file, i'm using for a file called not.vim

just hack away, the rest of this is the normal one

me: Hi everyone, my name is Franco and I'm addicted to colorschemes

everyone else: Hi Franco

Vim colorschemes

one stop shop for vim colorschemes.

initially this is my collection, ultimately i want to automatically harvest new themes from (but they are having technical issues right now).


if you use vim + pathogen

cd ~/.vim
git submodule add bundle/colorschemes

if you aren't so clever just get all the files in colors/*.vim into ~/.vim/colors

# after downloading; unpacking; cd'ing
cp colors/* ~/.vim/colors

Something missing? Fork!

fork this repo; send a pull request!; I'll take it!

Current colorschemes

  • bog
  • busierbee
  • busybee
  • colorful
  • fine_blue
  • fruit
  • fruity
  • gentooish
  • gobo
  • herald
  • ingretu
  • inkpot
  • ir_black
  • jelleybeans
  • jellyx
  • kruby
  • lettuce
  • liquidcarbon
  • lucius
  • moria
  • mustang
  • nazca
  • nicotine
  • obsidian
  • oceanlight
  • phd
  • proton
  • pyte
  • python
  • rainbow_fine_blue
  • rainbow_fruit
  • shobogenzo
  • simpleandfriendly
  • softbluev2
  • softlight
  • southwest-fog
  • summerfruit
  • symfony
  • synic
  • taqua
  • twilight
  • underwater
  • vividchalk
  • vylight
  • wombat
  • wombat256
  • xoria256
  • zenburn
  • zenesque

I'm a slave to aesthetics. If you are too, I hope this helps.


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