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Example Ansible plugins
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Ping my service Ansible plugins

This repository contains source code for various Ansible plugins that demonstrate various ways of interacting with web APIs using Ansible. Also included is the mock service that we can use to test the modules.


First, make sure you have Ansible 2.8.1 or newer installed. Next, start the mock server:

$ python3

In another terminal, move to the module or action folder and run:

$ ansible-playbook play.yaml

To test the connection plugin, move to the connection folder and run:

$ ansible-playbook -i inventory.yaml play.yaml

Mock server

The file contains a mock web service that the plugins can be tested against. We can start the server by running:

$ python3

To login into the service, we must send a POST request to the /tokens enspoint. The returned x-auth-token header can then be used to authenticate all subsequent requests. When we are done, we should terminate the session by sending a DELETE request to the /tokens/<token> endpoint.

$ curl -v -X POST -H "content-type: application/json" \
    -d '{"username": "user", "password": "pass"}' \
    localhost:8000/tokens \
  2>&1 | grep x-auth-token
$ curl -H "x-auth-token: 123" localhost:8000/test/me
$ curl -X DELETE -H "x-auth-token: 123" localhost:8000/tokens/123
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