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The latest change (08a811f) changed the definition of slice/string Da…

…ta but it seems to have left out this.

Found trying to regenerate vorbis-go.
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raff committed Aug 19, 2018
1 parent 3a95514 commit 07acffd112116d65102bf23fe0b3035cfd0d158b
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@@ -548,7 +548,7 @@ func packPlain(buf io.Writer, cgoSpec tl.CGoSpec, base string, pointers uint8, l
func (gen *Generator) packPlainSlice(buf io.Writer, base string, pointers uint8, level uint8) {
postfix := gen.randPostfix()
fmt.Fprintf(buf, "hx%2x := (*sliceHeader)(unsafe.Pointer(&v%s))\n", postfix, genIndices("i", level))
fmt.Fprintf(buf, "hx%2x.Data = uintptr(unsafe.Pointer(ptr%d))\n", postfix, level)
fmt.Fprintf(buf, "hx%2x.Data = unsafe.Pointer(ptr%d)\n", postfix, level)
fmt.Fprintf(buf, "hx%2x.Cap = %s\n", postfix, gen.maxMem)
fmt.Fprintf(buf, "// hx%2x.Len = ?\n", postfix)

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