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Crochet is a light weight web framework oriented to rapid prototyping of REST API. If you are looking for a Rails like framework written in Scala, please take a look at Lift.

Crochet targets quick prototyping of REST APIs relying on the flexibility of the Scala language. The initial ideas for Crochet were inspired while reading Gabriele Renzi post on creating a picoframework with Scala named Step and the need for quickly prototyping APIs for pilot projects. Crochet also targets the simplicity of Ruby’s Sinatra and tries to reduce the required boiler plate to get an API up and running thanks to Scala properties.

Crochet also provides mechanisms to hide repetitive tasks involved with default responses. Also, CrochetServlets are built on standard java Servlets and, hence, they can be integrated with traditional web apps running on existing application servers for production deployment. can be integrated with authentication and authorization mechanics provided by application servers.

You can find more information on the following pages:

  • QuickStart presents a simple “Hello World!” Crochet example.
  • Downloads contains the released Crochet jar and the jars bundling third party libraries.
  • Dependencies list the required dependencies you will need if you want to compile Crochet source code.
  • Basic Crochet Concepts describe the basic concepts you may need to play with Crochet.
  • Examples present a brief overview of the basic usage of Crochet facilities.
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