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Unit Testing Celery Tasks

This projects contains the source code examples accompanying the blog post:

Docker use is highly recommended.

With docker

  1. Bring up the docker stack: docker-compose up -d

  2. Run unit tests: docker-compose exec app pyton -m unittest discover -vv

Without docker

  1. Install and start RabbitMQ: Ensure RabbitMQ runs on port 5672 and the user user with password password is set up

  2. Create virtual environment: virtualenv celery-unit-test

  3. Activate virtual environment: source activate celery-unit-test

  4. Install pip packages: pip install -r requirements.txt

  5. Run unit tests: RABBITMQ_DEFAULT_USER=user CELERY_BROKER_URL=amqp://user:password@localhost:5672 python -m unittest discover -vv

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