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GIT 0.99.9d
Jon Loeliger:
      Added a few examples to git-pull man page.

Junio C Hamano:
      git-tag: Do not assume the working tree root is writable.
      Documentation: git-add -- do not say "cache", add examples.
      Documentation: -merge and -pull: describe merge strategies.
      Document the --no-commit flag better
      Documentation: git-fetch/pull updates.
      format-patch: "rev1.." should mean "rev1..HEAD"
      Documentation: format-patch
      copy.c::copy_fd() - do not leak file descriptor on error return.
      init-db::copy_file() - use copy_fd()
      git-clone: fix local clone (thanks to Linus)

Nick Hengeveld:
      Remove the temp file if it is empty after the request has failed


GIT 0.99.9c
Contains the following changes since GIT 0.99.9b:

	Alex Riesen:
	      remove CR/LF from .gitignore

	Junio C Hamano:
	      Do not put automatic merge message after signed-off-by line.
	      git-clone: do not forget to create origin branch.
	      Make test-date buildable again.
	      Do not fail on hierarchical branch names.
	      Ignore '\r' at the end of line in $GIT_DIR/config
	      Be careful when dereferencing tags (credits Pasky).
	      Document --since and --until options to rev-parse.
	      Add --no-commit to git-merge/git-pull.
	      Add 'ours' merge strategy.
	      git-merge-ours: make sure our index matches HEAD
	      Illustration: "Fundamental Git Index Operations"
	      Illustration: "Git Diff Types"
	      Illustration: "Commit DAG Revision Naming"
	      GIT 0.99.9c

	Peter Eriksen:
	      Clean up the SunOS Makefile rule


GIT 0.99.8c
Contains the following fixes since 0.99.8b:

Jonas Fonseca:
      Fix usage of carets in git-rev-parse(1)

Junio C Hamano:
      Give proper prototype to gitstrcasestr.
      Make sure 'make install' does not have to rebuild templates.
      git-tag: update usage string and documentation.

Kai Ruemmler:
      s/checkout-cache/checkout-index/g for Documentation/git-ls-files.txt
      teach git-status about spaces in filenames
      ignore new git-diff index header when computing patch ids

Paolo 'Blaisorblade' Giarrusso:
      Fix git-verify-tag for light-weight tags

Robert Fitzsimons:
      Fix wrong filename listing bug in git-ls-tree.
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