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Intropage/Dashboard for Cacti monitoring
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Intropage/Dashboard plugin for Cacti

Plugin displays usefull information and favourite graphs on console screen or separated tab:

  • trends
  • host graph (total, down, ...)
  • poller statistics
  • thresholds (all, trigged, ...)
  • logs analyze
  • worst ping and availability
  • ...


Petr Macek (




Copy directory intropage to plugins directory
Check file permission (Linux/unix - readable for www server)
Enable plugin (Console -> Plugin management)
Configure plugin (Console -> Settings -> Intropage tab)
You can set Intropage as first page (Console -> User managemnt -> user -> Login Options)


Delete old files
Copy new files
Check file permission (Linux/unix - readable for www server)
Disable and deinstall old version (Console -> Plugin management)
Install and enable new version (Console -> Plugin management)
Configure plugin (Console -> Settings -> Intropage tab)


Console -> users -> choose users -> Intropage options and panels (admin)
Settings -> Intropage (admin)
On intropage page -> below form (user)

How to add graphs to Intropage/Dashboard?

Go to graphs, select graph, click to icon Eye

Possible Bugs?

If you find a problem, let me know via github or


Tomas Macek, Peter Michael Calum, Trevor Leadley, Earendil


1.8.2 ---
Add panel with worst polling time
Add panel with worst failed/total polling cycles
Add db check week and month interval
Add DS - bad indexes
Add remark for disable original console dashboard
Fix few bugs with permissions, more users, ...

1.8.1 ---
Add test for poller_output_table
Add check for thold notigy global list only
Add test Cacti and poller version
Load/reload of panels now via ajax callbacks
Fix javascript/jquery error (MSIE11 fix)
Fix problem with host permission
Move Analyse DB and NTP to poller and run periodically
    Better themes support
1.8 ---
    Add check for cacti and spine version
    Add panel for Mactrack plugin (again)
    Add panel for Top5 Mactrack sites
    Add panel Maintenace alert
    Fix number of errors in snmp default community test
    Add test for extrems, trends - is thold plugin installed and running?
    Fix PHP noticed if thold isn't installed
Fix Top5 display if no data
    Change error/warning in analyse tree/host/graph
    Better themes support

1.7 ---
Add Awesome icons (close, reload, show detail,...)
Add user permissions 
Add default snmp community (public/private) check
Improve favourite graphs - you can set more than 2 graphs
Improve ntp - add time difference
Fix blank login page if intropage in console is default page
Fix show/hide detail
Fix db check - Ok tables are reported as damaged if check level is "Changed"
Fix drag and drop
Fix sorting panels

1.6 ---
Add user setting directly on intropage (close/add panel, autorefresh, ...)
Add permissions (admin can enable/disable panel for all users)
Add Favourite graphs panel
Add option for cahnge default page for users without console
Add detail panel of up/down/recovering hosts
Fix error and warnings count in Analyse log panel
Fix ajax double displaying

1.5.1 ---
Fix top5 - add device disabled test
Fix display in IE10 and IE11
Fix display in all themes

1.5 ---
Add Boost statistics panel
Add Orphaned DS to analyze tree/host/graph
Add Last thold events panel
Add Grey panel for panels without tests and alarms
Add save panel order (drag and drop)

1.4 ---
Add 24 hour extrem panel
Ajax reload
Ajax view/hide details
Fix analyse log messages
Join panels analyse log and analyse log size

1.3 ---
Add drag and drop panel
Add monitor plugin check again
Fix poller graph - incorect times
Fix install script 
Fix a lot of typo/small errors

1.2 ---
Add poller graph for more pollers
Add poller statistics for all pollers
Add CPU load graph instead of text information
Add yellow alarm for ping > 1000ms or < 75% availability
Add last poller time to poller info
Add plugin monitor check
Add links for setting for users without console
Fix host, thold count (wrong permission)
Fix DB check level
Fix displaying details
Fix panel size
Fix alarm in analyse DB
CSS optimalization

1.1 ---
CSS optimalization for all themes
Add graph colors
Fix tab image in classic theme

1.0 ---
Completely new design and function - Dashboard
Add automatic refresh page
Add CPU monitoring (linux/unix)
Add trends
Add poller stats and info
Add mysql db connection check
Add checks for IP and description duplicity (thank you BigAl101)

0.9 ---
Rewrite all for Cacti 1.0.x (thank  you Earendil!)

    0.8 ---
Add set default setting after plugin install
Add few settings (host without graph, host without tree, ...)
Add Subtree  name in "Devices in more then one tree" (thank you, Hipska)
Add debug option
Add db check level
Fix warning and notices (thank you, Ugo Guerra)
    Fix thold graph - triggered, breached (Thank you, Hipska)
    Fix last x lines log lines (thank you, Ugo Guerra)
    0.7 ---
Add number rounding
Add switch for default page setting for users without console access
Add layout Best fit
Fix layout 
Fix database check - memory tables cause false warnings
Fix redirect function
Fix return default page after unistall plugin
Fix displaying links if user hasn't right
Redesign Pie graphs (author: Trevor Leadley)
    0.6 ---
Add separated Tab for plugin
Add Cacti user rights (limited user cannot see all statistics but statistics of authorized equipment)
Add cacti database check
Add more information in logs
Add Search FATAL errors in log  
Fix NTP function (infinite loops if wrong ntp server is used)
Redesign Pie graphs (author: Trevor Leadley)
Redesign (author: Tomas Macek)
    0.5 ---
Change time check (now via NTP)
Add settings to Console -> Settings -> Intropage
Add Mactrack 
Add more pie graphs
    0.4 ---
Add pie graphs (need PHP GD library)
Add checks for:
- device with the same name
- device without tree
- device more times in tree
- device without graphs
Add Top 5:
- the worst ping response
- the lowest availability
Fix php notices and warnings
    0.3 ---
Add OS and poller information
Add time check
Add control poller duration
Add icons
--- 0.2 ---
Fix error - number of all tholds
--- 0.1 ---
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